Saturday, January 27, 2007

This is in the “Check this out department”…

This is in the “Check this out department”…

Over the years I have come across different artists that come to the Lord, the seem to either disappear, or get so pushed into the lime light that they seem to almost become propaganda for Jesus…

I was cruising the internet trying to figure out how to set up an aggregate “thingy” on my blog(s) and came across an article on Alice Cooper who over the last few years has been professing to be a follower of Christ… and wouldn’t you know it… on Christian Research Network… Alice is called an “emergent” and as usual questioned over if he really is a Christian… (Really I just to get those people there.) You see not only was I tricked into going to CRN and breaking my six day fast of them… I find they are setting themselves up as the Judge of others eternity… without even knowing that person!!!!!

Now, here is the site which is pretty cool as this person seems very balanced and bold in his interviews and articles… The article on Lenny Kravitz was what really let me know this guy was actually on to things. So, here is “Treasures of Darkness” (Weird name I know, but I think it is a reference to this verse Isaiah 45:3 I will give you the treasures of darkness And hidden riches of secret places, That you may know that I, the Lord, Who call you by your name
Am the God of Israel.")


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rick said...

I know this is not the intent of your post but I have to say that the folks at the site formally known as Slice scare me more than anything they report on. I've read a lot of bad logic, baseless accusations, miss-use of Scripture, loveless, etc., stuff in my day but never so consolidated in what has to be the most-read worst blog on the net.

And like you, it seems I cannot surf the web long without accidently hitting their site.

iggy said...

It was a bit funny as i really had not thought about CRN for about 6 days... then on the 7th I rested on one of their posts.... arrrrgh!

I also just happened across another "contributor" whose research is so bad... I am not wanting this blog to be a "watchdog of the watchdogs" as there are some really great ones out there all ready, but to attack and justify saying someone is not saved, by their outward appearance... is just wrong...

Also, the site is not Alice Coopers... I bet if that person saw Alice in his golf outfit they would not have judged him so... then to say something as rediculous as "he is attending a emergent church".... ummmm he is a Baptist if I recall...

He has done some great things in Pheonix as far s helping that community with projects to benifit kids which I think for all his fame and history, we need a light in the darkness which AC is.

Can you imagine Rob Zombie haning out with AC and getting saved?

Instead of abusing and accusing... why are they not praying and uplifting and most of all rejoicing!