Sunday, January 28, 2007

Great researchers "Lighting The Way Worldwide"

It is one thing that the people at CRN are so gracious as to Judge someones eternal destiny... especially if they profess publicly to be walking with the Lord...

But, here is another example of the great research these people do... and how they make connections that are just unreal and really... slanderous.

Now, I may disagree with some aspects of Quakerism yet to lie or at least misrepresent another denomination is from any standard slander and bearing false witness.

This quote from CRN contributor states:

"Like the Unity Church, the Quakers don’t believe in Satan, and, as we were told by the Quaker feminist on the tour recently in Philadelphia, they dwell on the “good within everyone” and don’t mention “sin.”"

Now, first off the Quakers are not at all like the Unity Church as i have relative who is a minister in that group and they are not a "Christian" group by any means... they have reinterpreted every aspect of the "Christian" faith and made man... divine. That is a far cry from the Quaker idea of the Divine Spark... I again will say I may not agree with their view on this.. but here is the real lie... Quakers do believe in Satan! Yep... they do not deny evil or Satan like the Unity Church does... so Dwayna Litz states this falsehood as a fact.

Here are some quotes I just casually pulled off the Internet...

"Why Evil? Some Orthodox Quakers adhere to similar beliefs as conservative Christians--belief in original sin and Satan. Many believe that lack of awareness of God's divine light within, or rebellion against it, is the cause of wrongdoing, and that alienation from God leaves one vulnerable to temptation or Satan. "

"God, being Light and Love, created all things good, and man and woman in his own image, in a virtuous and happy state, knowing their Maker and doing his will. But by heeding the deceit of Satan and disobeying God, humankind lost this happy state and fell into wickedness and alienation from God, from which destruction we are unable to save ourselves. But God in love and mercy has provided to all people a means of salvation through Jesus Christ, his Son and eternal Word, through whom all things were made, who is the true Light that enlightens every one who comes into the world, the Seed of Abraham in whom all nations are to be blessed through faith, the fulfiller of the Old Testament prophets, the great Shepherd, Teacher, Bridegroom, and King of the children of God."

I am sure I can go on and on... yet here is the real kicker in her ridiculous accusations... She goes on to say:

"As Ray Yungen points out in his excellent book, A Time of Departing, the demons love the silence and work often in this contemplative, intellectual "silence.""

I seem to remember a verse that speaks something of being still... Psalms 37:7. Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.


Psalms 46: 10. "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth."


Zechariah 2: 13. "Be still before the LORD, all mankind, because he has roused himself from his holy dwelling."

I think this just goes to show the quality of the research that the contributors engage in at Christian Research Networks... and it is found wanting... and lacking much in real discernment.


BTW, notice I did not link to my own articles to give proof of what I am saying... as in the case of another contributor at CRN. (I challenge you to find one outside link that is not to himself!)

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Anonymous said...


I have actually attended some Quaker/Friends Churches over the past 3 years. I found every one of them to be decidedly Evangelical..........and sadly in two cases very much un-Quaker.

Recently I visited a Friends Church in Michigan. They could have passed for a Baptist Church. They supported the war in Iraq. I was shocked at this.......Quakers/Friends have always been pacifists.........not any more. This Church was definitely a flag waving, war loving Church.

That aside...........fine Christian people..........

Those who suggest the Quaker Church and the Unity Church are similar are simply LYING or deceived themselves. Shame on them for dirtying the name of a good people.


Unknown said...


I am invited every meeting by my cousin (actually her husband) who heads up the local Quaker meetings here in Montana.. I will say they are more on the "liberal" side for lack of a better a label. I have found that i do have much in common with Quakers, yet also see there are some big differences.

Yet, in all I would never say they are a cult like anything "compared with modern theosophists and New Age cults such as Unity in their beliefs" as these often deny Jesus was God, and often teach that man is divine and needs to get back to find his "Christ self" or the "I AM that I AM" which is the deification of ones self.

Believe me i am familiar with this also as some of my wife's family are involved Unity and she had a bit of a back ground with the teachings since her mother is a ordained Unity Minister.

I agree that if at best this person who writes for a "discernment" ministry is so ill informed or at worst lying on purpose to look good to the others around her... either way it just shows without even looking hard (i stumble across this by accident) how undiscerning and unbiblical these "watchdogs" are.