Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tsunami Relief Organizations

Over 170,000 dead... some where christian... most were not... many who need help are not... now is your time to show God's love.... click on the title and see where you can help.

or click here Tsunami Devastates Asia - Help Now!
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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Life with iggy

You may or not have noticed that it has been pretty quiet on the iggy scene. Well not on this end of it! Life gives us much on the daily basis, good, bad, ugly, beautiful, and sometimes so far out of our hands we can either pull back into our shells and hope it blows over, or lay out naked and exposed and cry out to God. This year has had many ups and downs, which at times only God knows what it all adds up to.
TES and Fischer are doing well - but colds and flu and all do take their toll. We moved from Laurel to Billings. Our house hold still has my mother, TES, (wife) Fischer (son) 2 dogs and 2 cats!
The new house seemed so much bigger! Then we moved in and it seemed to shrink!
I have been working at a local Kia dealership which has consumed much of my time since last June.
November hit with a vengeance. We where moving and I was asked to do some promotional stuff as "Mr. Incredible" by our marketing company. It was fun signing autographs for kids (over 350) I even appeared with the Power Team.
Then it really hit. My "numbers" were not good enough so I was fired, then rehired as a delivery driver where I deliver cars to those who buy them out of town. I have gotten to be able to see more of this great nation. I travel Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota (can you find Pine Ridge on the map?) and Wyoming.
the pay is better, but I am often away from home 2 -3 days a week. As far as ministry we have had to stop and regroup as time is harder to come by. We will begin again in Jan - new year and new beginning.
My personal pursuits have been reading more on postmodernism and how we as a Church as a whole ( the Body of Christ for those who don't see it the same way) must change and grow to meet the challenges of the new era ahead of us.
Let's just say it all relates to new wine in old wine skins.
I do appreciate prayer in these areas:
1. finances
2. clarity and focus on ministry
3. health
4. renewed commitment to integrity

and #5 TES is pregnant! So pray for a healthy pregnancy.

All this to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!