Friday, April 21, 2017

Pro-Choice is not Pro-abortion

Before you judge her are you actually adding to her situation instead of helping her? Here is the real issue. This anti-abortion message actually adds to the problem and does nothing to further their cause. Why? It overlooks the reasons a woman has an abortion. If there was social justice for women they would have:

1. Equal access to health care that includes birth control, mammograms, pap smears, etc BTW, birth control stops abortions if you never thought that one out.

2. She would get equal pay thus would be in a better economic standing. This would make her less "poor" and not have a need to have an abortion. A women working two jobs just to make a living will more likely have an abortion than the woman who has healthcare and a job that pays a living wage.

3. She would not just be seen as a sex object and make herself that object to just get by because she "needs a man".

4. Rape culture would be a shameful thing instead of celebrated but the election of a sexist president.

The issue is not so simple. A person is not pro-abortion who is pro-choice. It means that we believe women can make the choice needed at the time. If we create a better situation instead of mocking and keeping it the same the cause to end abortion loses. By mocking social justice for women you show you are uncaring and really do not love her. You show you are part of the issue not the solution.