Saturday, January 13, 2007

Links of interest on the Blogsphere

Not making any comments just pointing to some interesting thoughts out there. (No, I am not just pointing to things I commented on... no really!)

Missional Buzz
That's So Cool
Rick Mansfield on English Standard Version Triumphalism
Calvin Institue of Worship (Good N.T.Wright stuff here... oops! was this a comment?)
Mere Mission: N.T. Wright (More great N.T. Wright stuff... come on cut me some slack you know this is hard for me!)
Ken Silva (Getting to know him, getting to know all about him..)
A great online station (a bit of self promotion)
Rob Witham (Take some time explore... some great thoughts here)
StratoPastor (I wanted this guy to post more... then he started and hasn't stopped!)
Black Hole Grabs Planet-Sized Snack -(burp!)
Bravo Shuts Queer Eye (Yep the streets are safe again! Just kidding)
That should be enough for an evening... or that slacker time at work...
I did try to not comment... oops now I am commenting on my trying not to comment...


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