Saturday, January 06, 2007

Great Quote by Scott McKnight

Scot McKnight is becoming one of my favorite Theologians.

In an interview concerning some questions about the emergent conversation he was asked:

Is this conversation all that different from past movements within Christianity?

"The emergent conversation operates more in theology than in the past. In the past, the evangelical conversation and theology take place by believing in the total doctrine of scripture so that all of scripture must be mined to find out what we are to believe. The emergent conversation says we begin with Jesus, and everything else is secondary to what Jesus says in his vision for the kingdom. And it's not just what Jesus says, it's the community around Jesus, it's the practices of Jesus, it's the relationship to Jesus that gives rise to all other theological reflections. They're trying to figure out how to live the gospel in our culture today, as other Christians have always tried to work out the gospel in their generation. But they are so self-conscious about the culture and how to relate to that culture that there's a sharper knife and a deeper perception than some generations that simply absorbed the culture in previous eras."

Another great article that should make one think a bit is on Out of Ur called, "Have We Become Crypto-Christians?"


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