Thursday, January 11, 2007

Seeing 3 dimensionally in a 2 dimensional world.

Seeing 3 dimensionally in a 2 dimensional world.

I have been exploring the thought of multidimensional thinking…

There are some reasons why some can’t understand emerging thought and I think it is not really their fault… so in that one must give grace to them.

In a multi dimensional world, we are fortunate to see in 3 different dimensions. I know there is more technical language to explore this… if one is able to understand Quantum physics, which I am not well versed in, you will be more able to explain this better than me…

But as usual I will have a very oversimplified model to look at here.

In a 2 dimensional world, it would be very hard to understand something simple like… a sphere. A sphere is easy to explain, right?

But to a 2 dimensional person, it would be a circle with a dot in it…

Two dimensional world view:

A one dimensional world view would be a simple dot…. Like this: .

Here is the point… let’s call “fundamentalism” the one dimensional view… they would have a tough time understanding your typical 2 dimensional view…who would be your typical “evangelical” and both would be hard pressed to grasp a sphere (Emerging Thought).

The reverse would be true, unless one has passed through the other view points to see a sphere and then grasp at one is they may not understand. Though once again, for a 3 dimensional person to go back and explain a sphere would also be hard pressed…

I believe this is the core of the issue that create a gulf between many of the arguments between pre-moderns, moderns, and postmodern and those anti-emerging and the emerging church. This of course can be bridged by Jesus… yet without Jesus we will never truly grasp as to what each of us can add to the overall conversation.

Often someone is in bondage to a teaching or world view that keeps them from seeing truth. So, if someone does not grasp what we believe nor understand the differing values of the emerging church… give grace…it is hard… but it is hard from their point of view… and if they even try to understand and extend grace to you… that is Jesus in action… so rejoice.


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