Sunday, January 21, 2007

An Open Apology to WhereintheBible

An Open Apology

In the post on Falling on Deaf ears... Or is it Deft Ears? I made in error in how I addressed someone who posted in the comments. I posted this in the comment section but feel I must also air it a bit more publicly. I still stand behind the post, just that I made an assumption of who I was talking to and in that addressed them inappropriately.


I would like to apologize for thinking you were ben... ben is a "loyal" reader and I noticed the times in my stats seemed to correspond with his reading time and your comment time... they were right next to each other...

So, because I was wrong in thinking you were ben, I was being defensive... as I pointed out (in error) with the link with your name to ben's website... You might aknowledge the "why" I might have been and extend some Grace my way.

I do want to clear this up as ben himself posted and said it was not him... and in reading I think whereinthebible is at least a bit more logical in his assertions. Yet it seems you (whereintheBible) still fall into the error of reading into the post some presumptions as to what I do teach...

So again, being that you are not ben, I hope to open the door a bit wider to our discussion as I am willing to converse more on this topic with someone who at least will listen and talk... my assumption that of you being ben is that no matter what I said, I was wrong... and even if I was right it would be twisted to be wrong... as the links show.. I will not change the links or post and leave them as is as I am willing to admit my mistakes... and in a sense am taking rebuke from ben for your sake...

(A little side note to ben... I have never claimed to be "open minded" that again is your assumption of me. (In fact I tend to be very closed minded. Especially to someone who does not address someone else in a appropriate manner.) I really think you need to read the Scot McKnight article in Christianity Today about the 5 streams and keep in mind that I may dip from the stream of one type of "emerging thought" and then from another, but I am not as you represent me on your blog... and anyone can read me to see that is true. If you feel this is a lie, then be a bigger man and link directly to your accusations... Yet I do think I have given you enough answers and do not think you able to see that I am not as you say.)

I do thank you for letting me know that whereintheBible and you are not the same person.I never thought that whereinthebible was Ingrid... BTW... that was never stated to or about Whereinthebible....but to another "anonymous" who visited from about 12 miles from the headquarters of WCVY and it seemed it was possibly her as it read as if it was... again, I am only human and do make mistakes and I never said for absolute certain it was her.

I hope that this clears the path a bit for Whereinthebible and me to have a more open discussion.

Like I stated, I still stand behind the post and still think you are reading into it certain assumptions that are not there. Still even in our disagreement I hope to find common ground with you and not be divisive nor accusatory with you as I have been... For that I am truly sorry.


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