Monday, January 08, 2007

Books on Review from 2006

I received a couple of surprise emails asking me to review some books this last year... I was humbled and shocked. I really don't have that much time with a full time job that demands flexible hours. Yet, somehow I worked my way through a couple... and again this year I will already have two authors asking me to review. I did actually turn one author down as I saw the book more New Age than Christian.

Spencer Burke hit the blogsphere with Heretic's Guide to Eternity this last year. It had quite a few people in an uproar. Even Spencer's friends had some hard hitting things to say and all one has to do is Google the title and one will find most if not many agreed that much of Spencer's views were in fact heretical. I had a hard time... I mean I get a free book from the guy who runs the and seem to be reading past much of the "heretic" stuff and seeing Spencer's heart. Did I agree with Spencer? On some things... I think we are close on our view of Grace, yet I am hesitant to leap into the abyss and join Universalism (There are different types of universalism and I see that the atonement was "once for all" so in that sense the atonement was universal, yet salvation is not.) Spencer is not as smooth as Brian in getting one to think, yet I hear there is another book in the wings by Spencer... and that he may not agree with all he wrote here... I recommend this book to inspire conversation. Tough conversations... but not for answers, as that is not the purpose of the book anyway.

Jesus has left the Building
Paul Vieria contacted me many months ago. his book Jesus has left the building really has captured my attention. the big picture is that Jesus like Elvis has left the building. Yet, the thought is, maybe Jesus was never in the building! Paul does a great job in contrasting modern and postmodern thinking in some great "talk pass" conversations. This book should be on every one's list. Paul has some unique, some not so unique but still needed, and some very insightful things to say. I think this book may be one that will change one's life.

A Generous Orthodoxy

Brian McLaren is the most loved-hated-despised-inspirational-motivational-thought provoking-hate provoking-historian-word artist-writer-speaker-teacher-pastor-down to earth- gentle-demanding-right on-so wrong-heretical-orthodoxical-best selling-inspiring of book burnings- author of our day. Read it, love him or hate him... but read it.

I have a couple of books in the hopper and am finishing one of my favorites very soon.


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