Thursday, January 04, 2007

What We Mean By "Personal Truth" (It's not what you might think!)

"Truth, you can't handle the truth!"

(This is at the end of the post on Chuck Colson, yet I thought it better to also have its own post. As I have stated a few times one cannot approach the postmodern mindset with modernity... nor can one approach the emerging church with modernity and begin to grasp what we are talking about... in a way it is different language... Yet I hope this will help some see that in thinking in a "relational model" we may have differing definitions that what is accepted in modernity.)

I was talking to someone and realized why the emerging church is sometimes thought of not believing in "objective truth" and stresses truth to be a Person... or personal... We do not define personal truth in the way a modern thinker would, which again is the language barrier I was talking about. We see personal truth as in the context of the relationship with Jesus. It is relational truth.

We are against "objectifying" Truth which is a person... It is like if one objectifies a woman... it dehumanizes her to a non person or object... in this case a sex object. In the case seeing Truth as purely objective would be like saying Jesus is only an object... like an idol of stone of wood... which to the emerging church is anathema and blasphemes.

I know the modern church would see it that way also if they thought of an object being worshipped over the creator. Again, personal truth is not how the modern mindset defines it to us. It is not "what ever you or I believe and makes me feel good is alright" but meaning we do not see Jesus as an object... but a person... and that is why it is personal truth... and relational truth. To quote one Baptist author, "truth is someone real, not something true."


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