Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tom Cruise, new emerging Messiah...

I just thought I would use the word emerging in a different way than it is used normally on this blog... and to get some attention as to real issues out there that are destroying lives and hurting people...

First off, how reliable of a source if the Sun... I am not sure, but this article has been getting a bit of attention as of lately. Personally I view the article as big as farce as I view Tom Cruise and his ability to be a real person... I think he is so caught up in his own persona that the real person is lost...

So, what if though, Tom decides he is the "Christ" of Scientology? many do look to Tom, as well as other huge stars for direction in their lives. I find it funny that it seems that many discernment groups have take an unhealthy and judgmental stance against brother in Christ while religious groups like Scientology are growing bigger every day... yet it seems it is easier to do an in house fight than to actually face some that are really going to hell.

Tom is being held up and is out there standing for a lie... a religion that believes man is made up of millions of alien beings warring with each other for power and control... and that does not seem weird to anyone?

I do not see Tom's life as benefiting or being of any greater virtue than Paris Hilton or Briney Spears... as Tom has a record of failed marriages and relationships that seem to point that there is something just plain wrong he is not dealing with.

And that is the difference between a truth and a lie... In my life God has had a way of nailing me at times... placing me in a corner and then asking one of those questions that I really hate, but must answer in all honesty... It is at those times I have had to face the real me... that one that God still loves, yet wants to help me grow out of... I have written about some of those times... and I am sure I will write more in some time soon...

A false religion will in fact help one rationalize their sin... like in this article about Shi'ites' and religious prostitution to "help" young women to not have unwedded sex, and to help them from prostituting themselves... it is rather sad and poignant at the same time. It also makes me think as Rick Ianniello states:

"The article gave me pause to think of the ways we have compromised to put religious tradition (or worse, false notions of church growth, outreach, etc.) over truth."

BTW Rick, thank you for finding two articles i have been looking for, for some time now.


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rick said...

thanks - i am enjoying (and learning from) your blog. keep up the good work.