Wednesday, January 10, 2007 Thing: Congress backtracks on it's promise

I received this in my email and I thought it best to get the word out better this way than by my small address book. This is important as peoples lives are at stake and need this funding. DO something... contact your representitive and pass this on. Christians and Americans need to show compassion.

Go, be a blessing,

Dear ONE Member,

Congress is backtracking on a $1 billion increase in funding for poverty-focused development assistance that you helped secure through letters, petitions, and calls last year.
A $1 billion U-turn would be devastating. Please take a moment to ask your representatives to protect the $1 billion of funding and the lives that depend on it.
Without this funding 350,000 people with HIV/AIDS will not receive life-saving treatment, nearly 1 million anti-malarial bednets will not be distributed, and 120,000 people will not receive treatment for tuberculosis.
This is not rhetoric. It's not an exaggeration. Hundreds of thousands of lives are in the balance and Congress has the power to save them.
Please take a moment to ask your representatives to protect the $1 billion of funding and the lives that depend on it.
Fortunately, there is a bi-partisan bi-cameral effort underway to protect this funding and save lives that would be lost if this funding vanishes.
Dick Durbin and Sam Brownback in the Senate and Barbara Lee and Christopher Shays in the House of Representatives have written letters to the Congressional Leadership urging them to fund some of the crucial poverty fighting assistance that was allocated in 2006. Since ONE Members started taking action to protect this funding, 44 members of Congress have co-signed these letters, and the number keeps growing.
Ask your members of Congress to sign-on to the Durbin-Brownback and Lee-Shays letters.
We will be sending your letters directly to your representatives, and then ONE Volunteers will hand deliver your letters to Congressional Leadership next week.
Congressional Leaders are deciding right now how they want to allocate the small amount of funding, and it is up to you to let your representatives know that you want them to protect funding for poverty-focused development assistance.
Send a letter to your representative asking them to co-sign the Durbin-Brownback and Lee-Shays letters.
Take action now to assure that your members of Congress are committed to doing everything they can to represent your priorities.

Thank you for your voice,

Josh Peck,

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