Saturday, January 06, 2007

Slice of Laodicea is not gone, just moved...

Slice of Laodicea is not gone just moved.

I was looking at my own stats and found a post rejoicing at the closing of SOL... and yes the old site is gone... so for a moment there was silence and some rejoiced and then... it appeared in another form...


So so much for that cool refreshing breath of fresh air...

She promises to also move the archives of the old Slice soon... so we can glory and revel in all the old days of hatred and judgementalism and condemnation that made the old Slice have that familiar smell.

Oh, we will most probably never know the "truth". At least that is one thing for sure! Now exchange Old Slice for New Slice... Yet, maybe this is a marketing ploy and Ingrid will return and we will have "Classic Slice"! But don't worry all you hater fans, there will be a new, new site open soon!

So beware, the hate is still there... Ingrid will still pormote her "modernist Christianity" as she says,
"This blog contains thought provoking articles and links for Christians
concerned about the state of the modern church."
(I thought Spurgeon was agin dat dern modernity stuff.)

So pray with me as Jesus did in John 17:22 - 23 "I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one: I in them and you in me. May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me." (NIV)

May the hate stop and we seek Unity in Christ Jesus... as He prayed... so let it be...


BTW If someone thinks I am being too hard on the SOL people you should read this... it speaks of the sort of harrasment that myself and others have been under by people like SOL, being Ingred, Ken Silva and the local "disciple" of Ken Silva, Phil Perkins... This is their fruit... and it stinks... and like anything that foul.. it is usually able to bob back up again.

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Anonymous said...

"May the hate stop..."

And how about if it stops . . . starting with you?

iggy said...

I appreciate your comment, yet I do think you need to address these people as I have been the victim.

I do not hate them, they have attacked me on very personal matters and even when I have peaceably tried to talk about their concerns, I have been abused. Some very harshly... and I have pointed it out to them.

I am warning others of their hate. I am praying for them to come to a closer walk with Christ... to see that Jesus is THE JUDGE.

So I ask that you to continue to pray and help me stop the hate.

So, you are preaching to the choir that has been slandered and who's person has been defamed... yet I have time and time again forgiven them.

I had hoped in a change of their heart, yet if someone is abusive I will not stand and let it happen. I hope you would not stand and let someone abuse others and think that stopping hate... it is letting it still go on. Hate needs to be named, blamed and shamed.

Again, I do appreciated the comment and hope you address the abusers as well.


Anonymous said...

You speak of unity in Jesus, and quote John 17. If the people worshipping this Jesus (see link below) say the same thing to you (they quote John 17 to you etc), will you accept this unity in "Jesus" without trying to change them or their beliefs? Will you treat them as redeemed brothers in Christ? Remember: They say they are followers of Jesus, believers in the bible, etc:

Second question: Say you have a 20 year old daughter. She brings home a Christian man who you've never met (she's been away at college). She wants to marry him. The bible says "do not be unequally yoked". Will you encourage her to judge his salvation? Or will you encourage her to go against the bible by not evaluating whether they are equally yoked or not, thus applying your "thow shalt not be judemental" rules to her new fiance?

iggy said...

I speak of unity... and then if the other party does not want it... to live at peace as best I can... that is in the Bible.

Also, the link you gave are people who profess Jesus, and Jesus said, that if the time will come when the harvest will be done by Him and until then let the wheat and chaff grow together... and He will Judge and separate the wheat from the chaff. (Matthew 13) if I came into contact with one of these followers, I would be gentle and firm in my talking to them... leaving the Judgement to Jesus. Discerment is not an excuse to judge... it is to help us stay from harm.

As far as if my daughter brought home an unbeliever and said she wanted to marry him...

First off I would hope I have done a good job at teaching her as to what would be best in her life well before that... but things do happen...

It would also depend on a number of other things... like is she pregnant... is she in rebellion, or is she trying to evangelize this young man she loves? I would need to know more as to how to respond accordingly... I would hope she would not judge him as if he professes to not believe he already judges himself. She does not need to. I would advise her as to if her choice is a good one and is benificial to her spiritual growth.

I would hope she would know the scriptures well enough to follow them... and if she has decided contrary, I would still love her in her "adult 20 year old" choice and be there for her... no matter what.

I would not abuse her, disown her, attack her, mischaracterize her, lie about her, hate her, or anything else for she is the daughter I love...

I would pray for her and love her and support her in anyway I could all knowing that God will do as He promised. (Rom 8:28;)

Now the real question is this... if your child was heading out into the busy street and not seeing a car coming, would you not warn her? If you and a friend are hiking and he reaches up on a ledge where you see a rattle snake is, would you stay quiet? If you see a man strike a woman, would you duck your head and walk away? If you saw someone lie about you and your friends would you just remain quiet?


rick said...

iggy - I will avoid commenting because I don't want to fall into the same toilet that the folks from slice live in. I'll only say to you, amen and don't let 'em drag you down.