Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Two Real Questions for All...

I am sorry that I can't recall where I found these questions... yet somehow they stuck with me so I wanted to toss them out to see what some of you might consider. In a sense we the emerging church still need to work out our own "adiaphora".

Adiaphora literally means, "matters of indifference." it is the beliefs and/or practices which the Reformers regarded as being tolerable, in that they were neither express as clearly one way or the other in Scripture . For example, whether one wears a robe or a plain white shirt would be a "matter of indifference." This concept was important as it allowed the reformers to adopt a practical approach to differing beliefs and practices. It was a way of "agreeing to disagree" to ward off unnecessary confrontations. This would tie into the second question. Yet, before we do find these areas of "adiaphora" we still need to define the greater points that are foundational to Christianity.

What are the primary points of theology that must be safeguarded as foundational to Christianity?

What are secondary points of theology that can be accepted as less than essential for the life and mission of the Church?"

OK, let's discuss.


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