Thursday, January 04, 2007

Something that made me go hmmm....The SOL and Al-Quaida connection!

(This is meant as a humor piece so if it is not funny to you, you may not have a sense of humor!)

I was looking at the newspaper today and read an article that made me go hmmm…

Here is the quote that made think a bit.

“Al-Qaida‘s deputy leader has criticized Palestinian and other Arab leaders, accusing them of betraying Islam and collaborating with the United States and Israel , according to an Internet statement posted in his name Monday.”

As I read this I had a thought that made me chuckle…

What if I changed the names?

“Slice of Laodicea leader has criticized emergent and other emerging movement leaders, accusing them of betraying Christianity and collaborating with the Catholics and non Christians, according to an Internet statement posted in his name Monday.”

Now SOL is not a terrorist group, (well maybe that is to be debated) and the emerging church is not one either. Yet, it seems as if the same sorts of tactics are used by Al-Quaida and SOL… and that made me go Hmmm…

You see Hamas has been open to talk to Israel and the US as they are tired of lobbing bombs at each other. In a way they are working on a solution to end the hatred… (I know Hamas is a terrorist group but to even think they are moving in that direction… even thinking about is an amazing thing.)

Of course to the Jihadists, America is the devil… and anyone who has anything to do with them is against Islam. SOL paints anyone who does not think like them as the Devil…

In an attempt to preserve “truth” these people lie, slander, and harassing others to “bully” them to “repent” and come to “truth” as they see it. There is no compromise (except for the lying, slandering, harassing others to bully them to repent) so one must come to be totally in line with their thinking which is really hard to actually find one that does not contradict the other! One teaches the “exchanged Life” (as I do) then will rail against myself and others as to being false teachers. Then one will up lift Spurgeon to prove their point. (appealing to a Spurgeon quote seems to be equal with quoting scripture to these people!) One will teach Jesus is literally “the Way, the Truth, and the Life” and the other will condemn me and others for teaching that same thing?!? They contradict each other and yet are united…

I pondered that a bit and realized that the one thing a terrorist will have is hate. Hatred for the “other” is the uniting factor for these people also. The more I try to show how “Christian” I am, the more they mock and attack and lie and slander and harrass. One will teach that you do not need a relationship with Jesus to be saved, and will say we are saved by doctrines and creeds… yet another will come and encourage him as he is “being attacked” over his stand against the emerging church. (Totally oblivious that his rhetoric and hate filled words toward the leadership in his own denomination has brought heat on himself. I mean how would you respond to a letter that calls you a heretic and coward? And that is the nicer things he called this person!) BTW a “haughty, snooty holier than thou” attitude must be mandatory for these people not to mention the pride they show in their zealousness to show how much of a heretic others are. Humility and grace is something I have not experienced once from these people… the saddest was my experience talking to Steve Camp as I was a fan of his years ago… and he could no see that he was being abusive. I received many emails from people who agreed with me and thanked me for what I said to Steve about his abusiveness.

I see the uniting factor is not Jesus, or love, but hate. I was called a heretic because I have “link to Brian McLaren’s website”. I am not sure where that verse is in the Bible… “Though shalt not link to Brian McLaren…”

This is truly a sad thing… and as I have repeatedly stated these people have somehow justified themselves that they now can judge and condemn others… and still think they are extending grace to you, to me or anyone. Personally I have not seen it at all.

In the end, it is like SOL and the people associated are like the terrorists. Unless one is in line with their hate, then they are not to be trusted. If they are in line with their hate, then it does not matter what they truly believe or not.



(BTW this was all tongue in cheek and if you don't see youself in this post it is not about you... that could be beause the god of this world has blinded you and you are self decieved... or you are not and all is well and you are in harmony with God and are our doing your vocation of being the image bearer and preaching the Godspel of the Kingdom and sharing the ministy of reconciliation... again if it is about you... you will most probably get angry and lose you self control and want to slander and bear false witness and all sorts of things that are not of the fruit of the Holy Spirit!)

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