Thursday, January 11, 2007

Norman Grubb... YES, I AM online book: Updated

I was looking at different blogs that teach the exchanged life and came across an online gem.

Here is Norman Grubb's book, "YES,I AM" online... for free. I have heard a couple of Norman Grubbs sermons and his accent and quick pace of speaking makes it a bit hard to really catch the things he says. He is probably one of the top 5 teachers of the exchanged life... (One of my favorites is not even on this "list".)

I hope this will bless many of you in your walk in Christ Jesus.


Recently I have had contact with someone who has been doing research on Norman Grubbs ministry. Though I may recommend this book I would caution as to the overall teachings of Norman Grubb. Feel free to contact me.

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Mike Messerli said...


thanks! I appreciate the info, looking forward to reading it.

Don Biro said...


The Lord has also used Norman Grubb to greatly influence me. When placed against the backdrop of Grubb's life his words take on additional meaning. What he and others accomplished through the Worldwide Evangelization Crusade that C.T. Studd founded is a living example of what Christ can continue to accomplish through very human vessels.

When I read Yes, I Am and the Holy Spirit inwardly confirmed the words Grubb wrote I was shocked. It was as if He was saying, "This is the way. Walk in it." My life has never been the same. I finally found rest for my soul and now all my activity is the Lord Jesus in action.

Grubb's autobiography, Once Caught, No Escape, is also available online:

God bless.

iggy said...

I have just recently been looking into Grubbs writings... my influences have been more of Bob George and of Maj Ian Thomas (teachings and lectures as I have not read his books)

I struggled with the message for a time as i was rather steeped in legalism. It was not easy to admit that what I knew was not working... what I taught was not changing anyone, not even myself.

So the struggle was about who would be in power? Whose life am I to live? Once these fell into place I can only say there was a huge change in me... my friends saw it and many decided to not be my friend any more... my wife saw it and liked it, but could not understand for a time what had happened.

Yet, out of all I have grown to know about Jesus this teaching of the life exchanged, is the most powerful on that has kept me vibrant in my faith over the years. The people, who have found it, seem to have a certain quality about themselves and their lives… it truly is as if the aroma of Christ is on them.


Gary said...

I've been a recipient of the exchanged life for nearly 15 years ( a student of it for nearly 25). I highly recommend Major W. Ian Thomas (books and audio messages; audio can be found online @ and others). I've read many teachers of this truth and Thomas is, to me, the most balanced and clear with it. I thank God for his teaching.

Recently, I've begun reading Grubb. He's a real blessing - a little confusing at times, but a blessing.

Thanks for your site.

Gary Feister

iggy said...


Thanks for that testimony of faith!

I agree, Grubb is a bit harder to get what he states, and I must confess I have read only a little of him and listened to a little of his speaking... I had heard a couple of things that made me raise my eyebrows a bit...

I place him in the same sort of camp as Watchman Nee... who has some great insight on the exchanged life, but at times ventures into dualism a bit.

My favorites are Bob George and The Maj...

I see that Bob has some limitations in his theology as I am of Charismatic background, yet highly recommend him as far as how he explains the exchanged life. I have also met him and people from his ministry and found them awesome... so what differences I may have with Bob, are minor to what I see we share in Christ.

Thanks again!

Be Blessed,

Gary said...

Learning that Christ lives in me was what helped me become open to the charismatic and miraculous aspects of Christianity: the gifts are Christ manifesting Himself through me as He wills in any given situation. That truth alone made the charismatic sane for me. John Wimber confirmed it experientially (he was the first sane evangelical charismatic I'd ever seen). But, for me, the fundamental truth of all Christian experience is Christ living His life in me, doing as He pleases - not as I please necessarily. Thanks again for your site.

paula said...

hi, so xcited to find u, been studying grubb and sylvia pearce over a year still dont have the KNOWING. xcited 2 check out this site paula va beach va

iggy said...

Hi Paula,

In a way I find Norman Grubb a bit hard to understand on some levels... It is not that what he states is that hard to understand, but that in some sense we are attempting to explain the unexplainable.

Simply what I have found it that as as one begins to grasp that we do not seek a "thing" but a Person. If we confuse this, then we miss the main point of it all.

Secondly as we understand that all things we seek are in this Person of Jesus, we understand that we entered into the inner workings of His Kingdom.

I suggest a couple of other authors.

1. Bob George is very clear and tends greatly on the practical side. HE was a great influence on me. I am more in the charismatic side so at times I do not agree with him on some minor points. But as far as understanding Grace...which again comes in the Person of Jesus is one of the great foundations... or "the Knowing"...

2. Maj Ian Thomas is also great. His books are a bit harder to read, yet he is probably one of the most influential people on me. I recommend downloading any of his sermons.

Remember without the "King" we cannot have the Kingdom... but all come by Grace through faith.

One must not "try" in the human sense, but rather give up! Or as Bob George says, "IF you get to the end of your rope, grease that sucker so you let go!" Once we have let go of our own effort and works we then can rest in Christ.

I also recommend Mike Messerli who is above. Follow the links to his church and download all you can. If you have Itunes they have a great teaching ministry on Grace.

I am personally attend a Vineyard Church which has a great emphasis on the Kingdom of God. Though I also give caution as not all Vineyards are the same and some tend toward certain "prophetic" ministries that are not healthy to me.

I will share this. The greatest breakthrough I had was when I realized I am forgiven... I am not seeking forgiveness still but put total trust in Jesus that I am forgiven and walk accordingly. This is tough at times, and I am not saying that I do not acknowledge to God or man that I fail and still sin. Yet, I practice "failing forward"... and understand God is never angry with me... but is always there to pick me up and get me set on the straight again.

Feel free to poke around. I have been doing this blog as a journey as we go through this postmodern time. I explore a lot of different things and thoughts in light and through the filter of grace... I am not perfect as i stated and have never attempted to hide my warts... for a time I was persecuted, yet, God has shown me much even though some of that still is going on...

Be blessed,

Gary said...

Paula, I've been reading Grubb now for several months and been talking online with a couple of folks who knew him personally. I've benefited greatly from his message in general. I've known about and experienced the truth of Christ living in me for several years (I highly recommend Ian Thomas in this regard; if you can listen to online sermons, that's best, but his books are great, too). The Lord used Grubb to bring me a deeper revelation of my union with Christ - it's like the union that exists within the Trinity; we are two distinct persons, yet one in reality. This brought me into a whole new freedom and experience of Jesus living in me. However, there are some inherent "dangers" in some of Grubb's teaching that one should be aware of. You can contact me if you'd like - I'm not trying to discourage you at all in your pursuit; I just want to point out some pot-holes in the road you need to know about to avoid injury and make your own decisions. God bless you - it's a wonderful adventure!

iggy said...


I totally agree... I also recommend with some caveat Watchman Nee... He tends towards dualism. But I have also learned a lot from him.

Of course we need always test all things taught with the scripture...

Be blessed,

Gary said...


I think we're twin sons of different mothers! :)

Have you read "Wide Open Spaces" by Jim Palmer? It's a great book and an interesting peek into another's own unique journey.

To anyone who is interested, I've recently started a group on MySpace called "Union With Christ". You can go to and look under "groups". I aslo have a similar group at Facebook titled "Christ In You". You're all welcome to come and contribute and ask questions or give answers.

Gary Feister said...

Hey, Iggy and everyone! I gave you the wrong name to my Facebook group - it's called "Union With Christ". Please feel welcome to contribute.

I also have one located here called "Live The Mystery"

Gary Feister said...

Only recently (this weekend) have I had some email correspondence with someone who knew Grubb that revealed some very disturbing things. I'm not into bashing anyone, but it opened my eyes much further to the problems in Norman's teachings. If you are interested, I'll let you read them or will talk with you about them. Truth matters; truth set you free, error binds you. I'm your friend and at your disposal. God bless you!