Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This lie that the emerging church hates the church…. HUH?

This lie that the emerging church hates the church…. HUH?

Many of the critics seem bent on saying that the emerging church “hates the church”…. And I say “HUH?”

The main reason we exist is because we see that many things are not working… and we ant what is REAL. In that we also see there is much that has attached itself to the “church”… and perverted it to the point where we see a big difference between what is and what the Bible actually says it should be.

We see man made structures built on foundations other than Christ… such as modernist rationalism and over emphasis on reason… and a lack of the reality of Christ in the lives of those who profess to believe. I have stated as well as others that we are seeking a pure orthodoxy, and in that we must be generous as we come together and discuss the big points… letting the lesser issues go by in Grace.

Some of the criticism is said that we condone “sodomites”, yet it is not the sin we condone, rather we love the person who Christ has died for, who God sent His Son because He loved the world so much that he did not want anyone to perish… We focus on helping people come in the Kingdom… in Christ… mean while we see that many are content in keep out the “undesirables” or “unclean” of our day… not wanting to share the Kingdom of God with them… We want to pray and hear from God before we react and just do as we think is right. We desire to not lean on our own understanding but acknowledge Jesus in all our ways. We simply see that God is greater than our sin... and the Bible as true that Jesus was the Lamb of God that took away the sins of the world... we either accept His forgiveness and receive His Life... or we ignore that Jesus forgave our sins and then go to hell... I see that most my critics seem gleeful that someone is going to hell and are readily willing to judge and condemn someone there... I see hell as a place I want no one to go... so work and live my life so as many can come to Christ as possible.

It is said we hate and argue… yet I have only seen that we are provoked. It is often that we “tire” from lies and innuendos and false accusations and a general misrepresentation of what and who we are. And we really are often at a loss of the ugliness that some who call themselves “Christian” exhibit.We love the Church… We love Jesus…We see that there is a tainted gospel that has been embraced… one that is not dependant on Jesus. We see a church that is more focused on its own belly button and not doing the mission Christ called us to… to “Go and make disciples”. We are as I have said before content to make the church more “cool” (this is a critic of both modern and postmodern as fake is fake is fake and its funny that my personal critics/watchdog miss that I do critic the emerging church at times also and have from the beginning of this journey).

I do see that we have ghettoized ourselves and created a false community that is withdrawn from the “world”… PLEASE… This is a perversion… it is dualism and bordering if not the practical workings of Gnosticism…I stand against the bad theologies that have crept into our churches. I see in the emerging church seekers who desire to search out these impurities and return to what is REAL. To me Jesus is THE REAL…

I find it sad, that some do not stand up for this.... That they are content with what they have and do not seek after Jesus. In their own creeds they claim to believe in the Trinity, yet in practice have reduced Jesus to propositions in a book… or a teacher of propositions. He was much more than that… He was and is the Risen Messiah… the One Glorified by the Father. He is part of the Trinity and is a person… Your deeds deny your creeds…

Most of the emerging church people I know affirm the Trinity and most of the other “creeds” and then take them to another level they live them. I see their deeds living up to their deeds in their action… in their love in action… We put feet to our "Creeds" and you mock that by distorting this as unbiblical... I refer you to the book of James... I think that would clear that up...I notice also you quote other men more often than scripture... If you notice I quote scripture more than other men... remember you are putting stock in fallen men... I put my stock in the Risen Savoir. We listen to men, yet will discuss what they have said... and not just accept it. We test it against the scripture...

Jesus spoke out against “man made traditions” and hypocritism of the religious of His day, maybe that is the issue, He is still speaking to them… and they hate what they hear and twist it to be words of hate instead of words of warning. Maybe, some of these who claim we hate, are disconnected from the Head… and need to heed the voice of Jesus… I am still praying for those who have ears to hear…


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