Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Andrew Jones: Rules of Engagement

Andrew Jones: Rules of Engagement

Andrew Jones states something very clear and interesting… I know I am guilty of not doing some of these… in that I submit them to my readership to take a look at. To see all of them and in context Andrew’s link is here.

I will add that I tend to not jump in the middle of something controversial… with some exception… as the recent Marks Driscoll being protested by the endfundamentalism .com group…. Over his fundamental views of women… so they are anti-fundamentalist protesting a fundamentalist over some fundamentals… so go figure. For the low down on all this… you can check out over on Bob Hyatt’s blog… he has at least 3 posts on the topic… beware though the comments get a be a bit on the “mature audience” side… All that to say the recent Rob Bell accusations I believe may be a bit overblown and a bit premature to jump in and make educated comments on… though if Rob was a bit loose on the facts as claimed, it does need to be addressed on some level.

I am praying that those who have drawn the accusations will have more of a spirit of Humility, Grace and Mercy instead of their judgment and condemnation. Please be a representative of the Spirit of Christ and not model after the accuser of the brethren. Also, please leave the judging to THE Judge who will judge all things in their appointed time. In any case, contrary to outsiders accusations. This "Movement" does have in itself some basic disciplinary actions within it. So I will not come and mettle in your home churches inner squabbles and please respect us in that same way.

Thanks Andrew!

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