Sunday, November 26, 2006

Rob Bell... Knowing if I waited truth and sanity would prevail

I said a while back that the accusation against Rob Bell by Ken Silva, (he has posted on one of my comments so you can follow his link there) would come to light in what really is going on in the book... I did not think it was the big coverup/lie/deception/conspiracy/satanic plot... Or whatever insane labeling would or could be attached to it by the self appointed judges of the brethren. I was right.

On Fishing The Abyss there is a post that will give some truth to the ignorance is bliss crowd always looking for some hole to poke and make up against their brothers in Christ. These people need our prayers, but not our attention.

As I said, if this is a real lie then it would be an issue... But as one reads the post I think one will actually see what is going on...

So check it out...

Be Blessed,

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