Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The parts make the man?

The parts make the man?

Man is more than the sum of his parts. If one is to gather every part that makes a man... and mix them together... there would only be a big pile of parts... Even if one can connect them and assemble them... They will only resemble a body... but still not be a man. For man is nothing without his spirit that give him his life.
It is in the life of a man in his essence or spirit that makes a man, a man.

The logic that one can reason… is like saying that we can understand God on our own… by assembling the parts we can know God…

God wants us to know him there is no doubt in that. Yet if we are to truly understand who he is… then we need to get the proper perspective… God knows him self much better that we can ever begin to know him. I think it wise to listen and learn from Him instead of trying to jigsaw puzzle together who God is.

The picture we are to look at first and for most is Jesus… as His own words are “if you have seen me, you have seen the Father”. This I not meaning necessarily that the Father has a physical body… (yet is does as Jesus is the incarnation of God) as God is Spirit… what we do have though is that all the attributes that make up who Jesus is… is also in the Father.

Again, to try to approach God as parts is just silly… as we do not know all of His parts… We know God is love, truth, truthful, not a man that he would lie, long suffering, patient, merciful, loving, full of Grace… and so on… yet to say that He is the sum of these parts is like saying a man must have all his parts to be a man.

What I mean is this. If a man loses his leg to diabetes, he is no less a man that when he had two legs. Part of the issue in Jesus day was that those who considered themselves whole with all their parts… looked down as lesser those who did not… the leper, the lame, the blind… and so on. Jesus came and as a sign of God’s love and mercy and grace and being Truth… set the record straight…

It is what is in a man that defiles him… it is not in being whole in all ones parts.

To approach Jesus from human reason… or God as a whole for that matter is like that. It is looking to make sure we have all the parts assembled and then without understanding what we have done… created a god out of the parts… this is a lesser god… it is idolatry and what the pagans did by creating stone or gold idols and carved word gods…

We must receive the knowledge of God from God… He must open our eyes to even begin to grasp the Person that God is. That is the danger of propositional truth outside of its proper use. That is what the bible called vain philosophy. Again, as stated many times… propositional truth is a great tool... But we must not place the tool over the craftsman. We must not be guilty of saying the Word of the Speaker is great than the Speaker. If we believe we can reason ourselves to God… without the Holy Spirit… then we deceive ourselves. We must let Truth dwell in us in the Person of Jesus Christ… For without Jesus, there is no truth… without Jesus we have nothing. Out of Jesus is one of His attributes… which is Truth… and Jesus is the Source of all TRUTH.

If one can grasp that, which is not easy, one will find though that God will work His Seed of Truth in your heart… “For God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything.”, and we know very little…

Grasp Jesus, grasp Truth… He will set your free for Who the Son set free is free indeed.


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