Monday, November 27, 2006

Some perspective please!

Some perspective please!

Recently and I believe there still is a protest against Mark Driscoll coming soon over his views on women. He is being called a misogynist.

I jumped into the fray at Bob Hyatt’s blog and soon found I too was an insensitive person who negated the feelings of those who were “abused” under Mark Driscoll…. As I asked simply to “have some perspective” and “get over it”.

I will go into the have some perspective in a moment. Though right now I want to address the “get over it”…

Mark never actually physically harmed anyone… his views are a bit Neanderthal and fundamentalist… he at times is part of the EC and then not… so I see him a bit indecisive at times. What I meant about “get over it” is this.

I see that we Christians in America have become so infected with the world… we have lost sight of being servants and are really overly concerned with “our rights”… I do not remember Jesus stating we are to even seek after “our rights”. Though some rights are God given, many are what we seem to "feel" we are just plain obligated to get. I see this as the outcome of the Americanized gospel that is self seeking and not Christ seeking. We are called to seek Christ and His Kingdom… not our own. It is just plain selfish. Again, some people are truly hurt, but to me, if you did not like Mars Hill and Mark Driscoll… you should have left… and instead of being a victim, rose in victory in Christ and walked out the same doors you came in through. Besides, this is America and one right we have is freedom of speech… and Mark is as free as anyone to say what he wants, even if no one agrees with him.

As far as perspective the people that are out to protest Mark over his fundamentalist views are (Just cut and paste as I do not care to link to them).

I said that if one needs to protest against abuse of women protest the human sex slave industry…

Now, I am angry…

This last week the Shiites literally burn alive a group of Sunni… and not one person has protetested that human rights abomination!

Again, is it just plain selfishness? Is the lint in our own belly button more important than a group of people slaughtering another? How about the Darfur atrocitiesand how it is affecting the children there?

Yet, Mark Driscoll is the devil… and I am sure he has never worn Prada!

So again, get a perspective… and get over it… and pray for real issues and problems this world is having… stop turning brother against brother…sister against sister… and let’s protest and speak out against real pain and real issues…

If there are real men and women out there please contact me if you are interested in protesting these issues.


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Anonymous said...

I totally agree, way to much time focused on minor issues. I don't live in Seattle, and I am a Canadian (often the brunt of some of Mark's jokes ;-)) however I agree with Mark most of the time. What a waste of effort to protest...sad.

iggy said...

Funny as i don't agree with Mark a lot of the time... and I am defending him.... go figure!


I love Canada... it is beautiful country...


Steve said...

It sure will be interesting to see what comes of the protest.

iggy said...


Mark has given a (non apology)apology.

Meaning he thanked his critics for being used by God but I see that in his core he will not change as he is living by his convictions. I do admire that. In a way I am just like that.

The difference is really over that a (boy I do hate labels and don't even want to go here) liberal feminist pastor ( from my own denomination!) feels that she is being snubbed and no properly given attention to as an equal. (I am sure that will go over like a ton of feathers in a bag! It just sounds lighter than a ton of rocks!)

So, I just don't see Mark changing and have even pointed out that all Mark has to do is come out with a few cookies smile and wave for cameras and just one of the protesters shout out "misogynist!" mark has won and they have lost... hands down looking the fool.

THe protesters must realize this is not about winning... or even right/wrong, but about "correction".

(Right/wrong meaning that they are right an dhe is wrong... though that may be the surface objective, the real objective is about Marks behavior) God does not want us just to change the outside and do the right things. He desires us to change fromthe inside so that we will not even think about the wrong things... and that will be when we are clothed in the imperishable.

This is the core of why i see this as just a big waste of time... not because i am a big meanie! LOL! I think time and other resources can be used much better.... like protesting a local porn shop for a day... or even a week! Peacable and loving as they do it.