Monday, November 20, 2006

Goodbye Amee

Today we had to put to sleep Amee one of our dogs. She seemed to deteriorate very fast over the last few days. It is never easy to put down a family pet.

Amee's story.

We decided to get another dog... so we did... her name was Rekah. We were told she was a border collie/Queensland Heeler mix... I think she has some Labrador in her as she is much larger than we anticipated... Rekah (the black and white one) as a puppy chewed everything! She was out of control...

We went to Petsmart and ran into a friend who saw Amee and thought it was a dog she had once adopted yet regrettably decided to return. She decided that she would go and save this dog (Amee) out of her feelings of guilt. Then she asked us to be "foster parents" for her... (She still had no name at this point)

We took her in and Rekah loved her. We decided to keep her and name her Amee. We often joked that Rekah was our dog, and Amee was Rekah's dog. Amee became part of our little family... (before we had our two children).

Amee and Rekah loved each other... and we would often see them seem to go out fo their way just to touch paws... that picture is not posed... that is how they aften sat.
Amee also fit right in... Nino seemed to even like her.

We named Amee after one of TES's childhood friends as TES would tell me of a girl who was a bit out of style and shy...TES would wonder what had happened to Amee... her friend... Amee (the dog) seemed to fit as a name very well. So that is how she was named.

We know the one who will miss Amee most is Rekah... yet all of us will miss her.
Thank you Amee for being such a good dog... we love you... we will miss you.
Blessings to all you pet lovers out there,

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Anonymous said...

heee, i love that dog too!!!