Saturday, November 11, 2006

Its Christmas time again… almost… but we are getting geared up to boycott!

Its Christmas time again… almost… but we are getting geared up to boycott!

Its Christmas time and all the kids are getting greedy!
They know it’s in the stores because they’ve seen it on the T.V.
They say it stands for Santa Claus; they spell it with an X!
(Some memories of lyrics of the song Christmas Time by Larry Norman)

In the Spirit of love that come with Christmas… the Spirit of charity… giving and expressing the love of God the creator of the universe… this Love… shared with us as God became flesh… in the package of a little baby… we are ready to BOYCOTT anyone who wants to call this a holiday! Funny thing is at least to me… this is one of the MOST HOLY DAYS we can observe and instead of embracing it we are BOYCOTTING!!!!!

Why don’t we thank the stores for reminding us of this HOLY EVENT of CHRIST’S birth instead of getting angry (one of the fruit of the Spirit… NOT!)

Christmas is a funny thing… it was practiced by the Roman Catholic church and one would think that during the Reformation when everything the RC did… was suspect that the Christ Mass would be one of those things also. I mean historically Jesus was most likely born in August instead of December… yet as we mixed Pagan Holy days and turned them into Christian Holy days… we tend to leave little facts out like that.

I am neither against Christmas nor the practice of Christ Mass in December. But I do find it funny that we need to redeem something that is really not a one day event… The incarnation is to be live everyday… That is what incarnational living is about! Living in a way that represents the whole story of Christ… all that is written and then in how the story continues in one personally.

It is that we tend to hold so tightly to traditions… we often lose the facts and the important parts. We lose that it is about giving not getting… yet with a boycott we are trying to assert our will on another… forcefully, with threats… and I ask how is that loving at all?

I understand convictions… I think we should have them… yet they are to be kept in proper perspective. If one is convicted over a sin and has asked God to forgive it… it is done… so if you keep asking it shows a lack of true believe and faith… so instead of asking for forgiveness over and over… ask for more faith to believe you are forgiven… to ask over and over is really an insult I am sure rather annoying.

In the topic of convictions I had a pastor say to me ones as I was a young man in Christ who wanted to lead a boycott against stores that sold pornography… He said great… but is it a true conviction… then he asked me this…

“If you are out on the highway and your car broke down… and all it needed was gas. And there is a gas station that sells porno about ½ a mile down one way and one that does not sell porno about 10 miles the other which would you choose?”

Knowing myself I would have most probably walked the half mile and gotten the gas… oh yes I could use the phone and call my pastor to give me a ride to the other station… or I could then bum a ride…but that misses the main point… which is what boycotting does… If out of true conviction you truly believe that something is wrong… and truly believe it will make a difference and truly believe it shows the LOVE OF JESUS, then go ahead boycott away! Yet, if you think that if the price is right and then run in that store hoping you wont run into someone you know… then don’t boycott… live life and be thankful that the beloved pagans are reminding us that this Day of Christmas is a true Holiday!

We are to live everyday in His Rest… Everyday now is the Sabbath! Everyday is a Holy Day… again, I will be thanking the stores for elevating Christmas above the commercial version so many practice and believe in. I will thank the stores for reminding me this is a Holy Day and that Christ was born.

If someone must boycott… here is one I truly do recommend to boycott... the human sex trade/slave industry. You can go here for more info on how to fight this truly evil thing.


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diana said...

I found your blog through some end fundamentalism thing where you spoke against a protest against Mark Driscoll.. good on you for what you said there, and good on you for this post!! It's great to be pro-peace. It's like being pro-Jesus.

As for putting up with sin and sinners, would Jesus buy gas from the porno-selling station or from the christian station, if they were both right next to each other? I think he came to give his light to sinners.


God bless!

iggy said...



I just could not see how one can justify judging "another man's servant" before the appointed time... when THE JUDGE will come...

To justify protests and hate and anger with scripture baffles me... it is clear as can be...

I have never seen good come from a protest... only confusion, anger, and self righteousness.... (All a bit of judgmentalism on my part I guess. but I see a difference between discernment and judging one another one is a gift and the other a curse one protects and looks out for the best for others… the other tears down and tries to assert one’s will over another)

Jesus was betrayed because Judas was pushing Him to lead a rebellion… Judas had faith in Jesus… but it was under his own agenda…

Again, thanks...