Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bush was in Billings

Bush was in Billings Mt today. Nothing wrong with that... But the issue is that he is endorsing the local Republicans... And yes he should being one himself.

I had to laugh a bit about his comments.

"Bush chided Democrats who voted against legislation to detain and interrogate suspected terrorists, the National Security Agency's eavesdropping program and the U.S.A. Patriot Act.
"When it comes to listening to the terrorists, what's the Democrat's answer? Just say no,'" Bush said, urging the audience to play along.
"When it comes to detaining terrorists, what's the Democrats' answer?"
"Just say no!" the audience retorted.
"So when the Democrats ask for your vote on Nov. 7, what's your answer?" Bush asked.
"Just say no!" the crowd screamed."

Yet, I have issue with Conrad Burns. He seems to lack character and seems to only value lining his pockest with special lobbyist moneys. He was caught with Abramoff money (though he did give back the $150,000 and yet he still voted for the bill!) Burns has chided the firefighters who had fought one of the worst fire seasons and then in a "apology" forgot the microphone was on and said something to the effect of, " that ought you shut them up" the "them" is the citizens of Montana who were upset over his comments.

The only argument that his supporters have for Burns is that he is a senior Senator and will bring more money to Montana... Yet I wonder if these are the same people who vote for republicans because they are against large government. Ironic that as it comes down to the wire that the major campaign push is which candidate will have more pork for Montana... And I don't mean the other white meat.

Tester hasn't run that clean of a campaign, so I do have a bit of trouble with that, yet ocmparably, Tester's campaign was very gentle compared to Burns and the Republicans smearing and outright lying. (This is the "Christian supported" party that stands on "values"?)

I see a greater lack of values, with Burns as a person. I see that Tester has yet to be proved whether he is a liar or not. (Most politicians are lairs as far as I can tell.) I have concerns on his stands on abortion, yet it seems as one holds both of these men's records together, they are not that much different in how they vote.

Now, I cannot vote for Burns as I see that his total arrogance and lack of values runs contrary to the values we should hold as Christians. My concern over Tester is that if I vote for him, the radical side of the democrat party will get the wrong message. That is a serious issue.

I most likely will vote for John Tester. Mostly on protest. I see that I am voting for the man, not the party... And that is why I wrote this... To go on record as saying I am not endorsing Hillary, Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry or any other radical liberal in the democratic party... Any more than if I voted for Burns and would support the most radical conservative voices in the republican party.

Over all, I am more and more wondering... It seems we are voting for the lesser of the two evil... And with that I have to ask, isn't even lesser evil, still evil? And why would a follower of Jesus vote for evil of any kind? Are we not told to stay away from even the appearance of evil?
So with that, go out and vote!


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