Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I am ever surprised who reads my blog

I am ever surprised who reads my blog... In fact I am often humbled at it.

Recently with a post on Maj. Ian Thomas, Andrew Jones... aka TallSkinnyKiwi... Made comment on his blog. I was a bit shocked.. Now I know he reads me once in a while... But usually I thought it was because I reference his blog and he was out stat huntin'.

I have found my posts on other blogs who repost other peoples writings... I have found an article I wrote on the Australian version of the ooze.com called Dtour... Which one can access through the ooze.com website.

I have been asked to be part a few websites that wanted to repost my articles... I have declined a few, and rejected by others, yet I just accepted an invite from Christian Bloggers. com who with in two hours put up two posts! To see me just put "iggy" in the search.

Again, I am humbled... I mean I feel at time I barely am able to write... I depend on spell check for spelling and still get words wrong... And I use "..." Because I really do not get grammar that well either... (One of you so graciously pointed that out).

I can only say that God can use Balaam's ass ( I am referring to the animal) to speak from, he can use me... Yet I am always very humbled and even resisted writing this post...

Yet, I wanted to thank my readership... For listening. With that I hope in some way, that I have not been in the way of what God is saying... And that in spite of me being a mere human, with all my flaws, God will still use me in helping others come to a richer walk in Jesus.

I am blessed by all of you... My critics and loved ones.


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