Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More on the TRUTH of it ALL

More on the TRUTH of it ALL

I believe that we are to accept where people are at in their journey... yet (by the standards that some of my critics have set....) if I was to look at their fruit... but unlike them I will not go there.

If the attacks were against me were just against the ideas expressed... I have not one bit of trouble with disagreement... in fact other emerging peoples and I often do not agree! Yet, with our foundation firmly on Christ... we can see past this and even grow from each others perspective... that is Grace and Mercy in action… in that we find in the Spirit of reconciliation we find Christ Jesus in our midst.

I have outgrown these men's perspective years ago... and that is why I plead for others to pray for them... I just have a hard time with those who think hate is a Christian value.

I accept they are in bondage to their limited view of Who Jesus was and is... their reality is that Jesus is trapped within a "system" (not just Calvinism/Armenianism) of belief that one can reason oneself to salvation... this belief bypasses and expresses another way other than Jesus to be saved... It is exclusive that one must "believe in a set of propositional doctrines" and that one must view Truth as "objective and impersonal"... They place man's reasoning higher than Christ Jesus Himself. They do not even realize they have done this!

Then instead of having a relational God, they justify themselves by their own perceived "fruits" defined as the doctrine they hold... If you hold true to the propositions you are "in"... Saved... if you don't you are "out"... But the deal is this... This is based on self justification and rationalization that they are then deemed righteous by their own works.

All that said, I have been there, done that and found Jesus Who became TRUTH incarnate to me... I have a Living relationship with Him... They claim this also, yet He can't be just propositions on a page... and stay there... He is those very words become Flesh!

I do not judge these men as far as their salvation as I would fear as to what I would see...
If you read what I write and notice how I define Truth, it this way:

Jesus = TRUTH (TRUTH Incarnate, TRUTH Absolute)
Truth = Jesus Teaching's (Truth in which can be propositional)
truth = (pure propostional truth) the result and awareness of the above two... yet often only in relation to our relative situation... which means it is not always Absolute... and may even be not true... it is perceived truth. In order to assure we have truth that is true... (There is a bit of tongue in cheek in that last bit).This is where human reason must depend on God’s revelation to help us sort through the filters of our minds that can corrupt and pervert Truth. (That is if you believe man is a fallen creature!) This truth depends on whether to source is a verifiable source... meaning if the source of the "if" is not Pure TRUTH, it may not be Truth or absolute/pure Truth... Get it?

I hope that will give a little clarity to what I am attempting to express. Many do not realize that they have accepted something less that Christ Jesus Himself… I am saddened that they fight against the Abundant Life that Jesus promised… this is not just about getting to Heaven… (though it includes that) nor is it about not going to hell, (again it includes that also) It is about Living in the Life that Jesus promised here and now also… a Life Lived out indwelled and dwelling in our wonderful Savoir and Lord… become One in Him as He is in the Father… It is about living as New Creation… Now.


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