Sunday, November 05, 2006

Phil Perkins decides some not worthy of salvation!

Just when you think he can't be topped you gotta read this!

This person claims he outed me... Really he keeps showing his lack of love for the very people Jesus came to save...

He has now decided "postmoderns" are not relevant because of their world view!

"I openly invite any and all to criticize this article. Examine it critically. Do not spare my feelings. I am still in process of synthesizing its final form. I especially invite those of you that are theologically trained, philosophically trained, or just good critical thinkers. I will take correction. The only ones that I do not wish to hear from on this particular blog are the postmoderns. I am not being mean. It is just a simple fact that their thoughts will be irrelevant because of their worldview." Phil Perkins

Yep... Not even Jesus can save the postmodern... According to Phil... So just write them off!

The rest of the article is just his normal rant against Jesus giving us revelational Truth and arguing for propositional truth to be sovereign over Jesus being TRUTH ABSOLUTE INCARNATE. He continues to believe man can reason his own way to salvation... Thus usurping Jesus from the Only Way of Salvation...

BTW... you are a postmodern Phil... you live in the postmodern age thus by default you are a postmodern... you may not think like one but that does not negate the truth. I just hope someday Jesus will become your All in All and you leave your dependance on self actualization... Come to Jesus Phil He is the Way, the Truth, the Life... not humanistic reasoning you espouse.


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