Friday, October 19, 2007

Interesting points on the blogsphere

Ken Silva misses the point that he and Tony Jones agree that most American Christians are “Semi-palegian” and only focuses on the point that “John MacArthur” is mentioned as a "soft gnostic"… now even Calvin admitted to having been influenced by Plato, (many real scholars and researchers agree that this is true) so I see not reason why this is an issue to Ken Silva other than fanning the flames of discontent.

Now the comments at Tony Jone's site are well worth the read. Oh, Tony is moving to so update your blogrolls.

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Vanguard Church is doing an interesting series on John MacArthur's "truth war" book.

1: John MacArthur’s Post-Enlightenment Philosophical Understanding of “Truth”
2: Is Rob Bell a Godless Man, Condemned by God?
3: Is Postmodernism Primarily Concerned with Truth?
4: Straw Men – The Emerging Church is Filled with Hard Postmodernists
5: MacArthur Fits His Own Criteria for an Apostate

I know this video is a bit old... but it still hits me and somehow seems appropriate.

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