Saturday, October 13, 2007

Thoughts on "Revivals"

I have a question about this definition let alone “revival” in general.

“Revival is when God moves in a special way and revives a group of people are are seeking to be revived.”

If something has a need to be revived, it needs to be renewed somehow… re-energized.
Now, I beleive that we can have the Holy Spirit re-fill… as we are filled with the Holy Spirit and in that are sealed in our salvation as Ephesians 4:30 states of us.

Now, I think the issue is that God can send a revival… but what I have experienced as “revival meetings” have really been nothing more than a plea to emotionalism and evangelism… It rarely has had anything really to do with “revival” as Psalms 80:18 states.

One of the issues is that some try to make themselves “holy” and “humble” which there is no way to make ourselves more holy… for if God has made you holy how can one become more holy than that?

Now, humility is also not something we muster up. It is the condition of the heart that one who has realized he can do nothing receives… it is part and partial of the gift of Faith. God give us faith to re-experience God’s Grace through Jesus, in which then lead us to realize it is God Who does all things and we are to be dependant on His purpose and workings in us.

Personally (and this is not about boasting in myself but in God) I have not needed “revival” since I came to the knowledge of God’s grace and very own Life working in and through me.
A person must realize we cannot make a “revival” but as we are revived, to walk out this revival in the power of the Holy Spirit from which it came.

Again, maybe in rare occasions there have been “new” revivals… but what we need is not an emotional charged preaching that makes us all excited in Jesus… but a true turning to the Holy Spirit by and in and for His purpose and will and desire.
Anything short of that is compromise….

And btw I am one of the “emergent” guys here if you did not know that.

be Blessed,

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