Sunday, October 21, 2007

I Forgot to mention...

I forgot to mention that I was teaching at Billings Vineyard today... if you missed it, it went very well! I am not sure if I will or when I will get a recording, but I do know that the Billings Vineyard website will soon be podcasting the sermons so it might be there sometime...

I taught on Grace. I started with the "most quoted" definition and tried to work my way to a bigger picture. I will post the sermon online here tomorrow.

I do believe it went well as there were those "God" times where I would go into a little sideline teaching... TES stated that at those times it seemed as if God had a message for someone there.

The strange thing, and I mean that in a good way was that everyone applauded when I was done. I have not been at a church were people applaud a sermon... usually they do not, yet I do think this is the most encouraging group of people I have had the privilege to serve. I was a bit embarrassed, but really realized how much these people love me and this fellowship... truly we have something very special.

It was pretty awesome to see God move after the service and see people praying for others. I think the biggest miracle was that I have a bad cold... TES and the prayer group prayed for me before the service... and all during the teaching I was completely clearheaded and had not one sniffle or cough, which was my biggest fear... that I would go into a coughing fit as I taught. I seem to be healed still at this point...

I am truly blessed to be a part of this fellowship... and thank God for the love those that attend share with all around.

Be Blessed,

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