Monday, October 22, 2007

This sort of thing makes me sad...

Chris Pajak who writes for CRN once again shows the real underbelly and character of CRN... with this comment at

Here is a little background.

Dan Kimball lost his father last Sunday and there was a "hit" piece by SoL posted already on Dan without any acknowledgement of Dan's loss.

In this conversation someone pointed out that the Reformation seems to have become an Idol in some way... to this Chris Pajak commented.

"Comment from Chris P. Time: October 22, 2007, 11:20 am
Once again turning this into something that it isn’t. Where was everybody when both my parents died?
Looks to me like Dan Kimball is the idol, as he is one of the anointed. He doesn’t deserve any better treatment than anyone else. Do not tell me that the ecm is not a mirror of roman catholicism. It is the new imaginarium/magesterium. BTW who cares what politicians do?
While you are worrying about the odm sites, you should be concerned that you will also answer for every idle word and believe me this blog is full of them."

First off I will say I did not know Chris Pajak's parents both died so recently and offer my sympathy over his loss. I also ask for prayer for him as it seems that it is still very painful for him.

Also, it seems that there is a lack of compassion... and to attack Dan in a time like this... and to say the hate-filled words like "Looks to me like Dan Kimball is the idol, as he is one of the anointed. He doesn’t deserve any better treatment than anyone else." misses that God is a God of compassion...

Exodus 34:6 "The LORD, the LORD, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness, 7. maintaining love to thousands, and forgiving wickedness, rebellion and sin."

Again, my prayers go out to Dan Kimball and to Chris Pajak for their losses.

If you think that Chris P. is the only one who seems to lack compassion read this. News you can use, be sure to follow the links.



approvedworkman said...

I wasn't attacking Dan Kimball.
This is one thing that CRN.Info does well. No one reads what is actually written. I was referring to the fact that everyone defers to the celebrity.
If this was Joe Average's dad no one would know or care. My point is that Dan Kimball deserves no more, or less, compassion than the homeless guy in a New York slum.

iggy said...


It seems you miss the point even worse than you realize...

It appears you are clueless to how uncompassionate you really are.

So how many homeless guys do you actually know in the NY slums? And since there is no difference, how many hit pieces have you written on them on how awful they are for being popular...

Now, turn your standard you set on that Huge Celebrity, John MacArthur you serve and tell me how you would feel if his father died or even JM died and people talked smack about him on that very day.

You show that you have contempt for the kindness of God...

Personally I think you lack all compassion and seem to miss that God called Himself the Compassionate God to Moses.