Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sorry for the delay

I have been really busy lately with work and other things. I am working on getting Romans 9 finished.
Here are some of the things I am doing.
I am writing a book... I do not assume it will be published... (except in Romania maybe... no joking).
I have been in contact with a wonderful pastor in a country east of Madagascar called Mauritius which I had never heard of before. He wants me to help him get more teachings on Grace. He is most interested in Major Ian Thomas books. I am collecting some things for him and some other items that I will be sending him. If you want to help let me know I am looking for teachers and books that are strong on grace.
I also am going to Great Falls this weekend to go to the Vineyard Church regional meeting. It sounds pretty fun. I had to pass on Soularize this year as I did not get my passport together in time... I hear N.T. Wright will be there... and there being the Bahamas... oh well.
I also was asked by a Christian radio station in Namibia (which is in Africa... yep I had to look it up myself), advise on how to add their station to their website as I have iggyROCKS! linked in the player to the right.
I have been slowly healing from the medication I was taking that was making me ill... Though the last few days I have had some major back pain which is why I can get a few posts out today.
So prayer is really appreciated.
I will also be teaching as Billings Vineyard on Oct 21st. I will be teaching on the Grace of God as we are going through Galatians.
Anyway, that is just a few things that are going on here with me.
be Blessed,


Jimmy said...

As a young man I had the opportunity to meet Ian Thomas. He was a speaker at a yearly summer conference in Asheville, NC. we attended each year as a family.

Mike Messerli said...

great to hear what's going on. I'll be praying for you.

Unknown said...

That is so cool!

The closest I have gotten to see, well, talk to him is when i talked to his wife on the phone when we were trying to decide if we might attend his school in Estes Park Colorado. I really don't remember much of the conversation other that she was very sweet and she answered my questions.

We would have been considered "old" students and it just did not seem that we could swing the move and pay bill and...

So my advise now to others is... if you ever get a chance or a possibility to do something like attend his school... do it and worry about that junk later! LOL!


Thanks! it was a fantastic weekend and very much a blessing. God is doing some awesome things right now... and I just want to keep up... LOL!