Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hackman the Blogger.

I kept getting these hits from http://www.mrhackman.blogspot.com/ and every time I go there I read something I like. So...

Here are a couple things I have read there.

If you have not heard of "the wink" that's OK... it was started by Doug Padgitt as a rebuttal to the accusations tossed at him. Hackman's Musings does a great job at covering the debate over this... (stupid*) situation.

*OK stupid in the way that the MacArthur camp has declared war on their brothers in Christ and are acting very childish in how they are doing it. I see that someone like Doug can only take so much of the lies and slander, as we cannot all be a graceful as Brian McLaren is with his critics.

Hackman also does a great post on the misuse of scripture.

I will also as I have time add his blog to my blog-roll. He has a great blog and is a great read... be sure to sign this "Free Burma" petition and the one below.

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