Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Letter from a gay man changed by Jesus Christ

Scot McKnight posted this letter from a man who was gay and a Christian. He talks of his struggles yet as you read it you will see that as he was lead by the Holy Spirit, he was lead out of the gay lifestyle. This is a message of hope that is in Christ.

I might add this is not the fruit of "emerging" though he recommends a Rob Bell book, it is solely the victory of Jesus Christ in a person's life as lead by the Holy Spirit.

Here is part of the letter...

"I came back into “church fellowship” through a man I met at a gay bar. He was actively gay at the time, separated, with one child, and deeply committed to his own walk with Christ. He and I never had sex. After several years, he became celibate and continued Christian outreach to gays. I was part of that outreach and had become celibate myself. I felt the Lord calling me to celibacy, at least for a time, after the painful breakup of the two “long term” relationships."

You can read the whole letter here

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