Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Newest Threat to us All...?

There is a new threat to us all. An new religion threatens all others in it's assertion to be THE RELIGION.

Can we Christians stand up to this threat? Will Christianity be able to withstand its heavy burden to condemn all others religions? Can God defeat this sort of evil without our help?

Here is the site and source of this new idolatry.

The Church of Google

Stand with me and defend our faith against this ever evil spreading menace...

Be Blessed,


rick said...

of course you meant to contend for our faith against this evil right?


iggy said...

Oops I backslid!

though I think the first thing we should do is boycott Ford, cuz everything is their fault of advertising in gay magazines.

Now if it was playboy we would have no issue... they can advertise in any straight magazine as they have for years, but to advertise in a gay magazine...

Oh, then we can say our boycott is doing something as Ford's sales are lower... (let's not mention that all auto companies are in a sales slump as that might keep people from sending us money...)

Oh wait! we can't do that cuz the AFA is already doing that... I guess we will have to boycott someone way... like maybe we should all use IXquickinstead of google. I was using dogpile for years until I notice google was one of the search engine it uses...

I guess I am getting a little contentious now aren't I?

= )

Maybe it is time to get away from those watchdoggie sites!

Tia Lynn said...

Very funny! I always say if I boycotted everything that had some sort of ties to "immorality" then I'd be standing naked in a field somewhere for the rest of my life.