Wednesday, May 02, 2007

it was a huge mistake

it was a huge mistake

A little over a month ago I started a blog to watch the watchdawgs…

Now in reflection I see it was a huge mistake….and even more I see that in truth Christian Research Network is not doing any harm…


You see they are focused on watching “other” ministries and not on doing the work of Christ… they are attacking other Christians, so for the most part are leaving the lost alone…

If they were focused on the lost, then that would be harmful… since at this point they want to be the judges of their brothers and sisters in Christ they can only harm us if we let them…. And unfortunately I have let that happen over the last few months.

In trying to respond to their hatred and judgmentalism, I found that something happened… I was becoming more and more like them… and that is the last thing I ever wanted. I found that I began to mirror their hatred and pettiness and instead of responding in kindness I only responded in kind.

Jesus has more for us than to “fight” in some self declared “war”… no matter how just we think we are. This world has enough war already and it seems that if we are to reach it, we need to not reflect it but to reflect the kindness and love of Christ… to give away the Grace and Mercy and Love that was given to us by Jesus’ death on the Cross and His Resurrection. This “truth war” is not about truth, it is about self righteousness… that one’s own view is more right than the other… in that what has been forgotten is that none of us is “right”, none of us is “good”… except God and God alone.

So, I will leave them at their war and walk with my Master in His way of Peace. I will strive to forgive when I have been wronged and even more to trust that even when things are said that seem so unfair or hurtful about me or others, is nothing compared to the hurt Jesus felt as He went to the Cross… not the beatings, not the nails, but the weight of my sins as He gave atonement and forgiveness to myself and all mankind.

Jesus came into the world to save it not condemn it… and many are no longer content with the “religious” side of Christianity… I receive emails almost daily from people who have come out of religion into new Life in Christ… in that they are changed people.

If we in the emerging church see ourselves as the people who are setting things right… we need to be even more aware and careful as to how we speak and respond to others. I recently was in a correspondence with a person who was very bitter at his relatives who mocked him as he was a fundamentalist… and it seemed we were getting somewhere…yet, I apparently said something wrong and in that he has decided not to continue our conversation… which is said… and makes me a little angry that some who are “emerging” cannot set aside their own pettiness and seek to be authentic… Yet, the fool I am understands as this is basically what I just have done myself these last few months.

I have deleted quite a few posts from my blog… not that they were bad, but I viewed them as not really being more than being accusations against those who lie… I hoped to set things straight… yet in that attempt now see that all I was doing was going tit for tat and adding to the fuel of the fire of gossip and vain arguments…

I wish to no longer participate…
I was told by someone that I was not in their league, nor could wear their shoes… I do think my response to be true… I do not care to be in their league nor wear their shoes… I do not care to be like them in any way… I desire only to become more like Jesus… and that is hard enough… it would be too easy to be like some… I choose to walk in Christ.

So, I confess to my readers… I have fallen and with the help of Christ now get up… and covet your prayers in that I can move on and away from the false “war” and bring the Kingdom by kindness and Love…. To those who are searching. I ask forgiveness from those whom I may have harmed.

Sometimes I wonder if my calling in life is to play the fool so others will learn from my mistakes...

If one thinks I am "tucking tail and running", then go ahead... Actually I am pressing in deeper into Jesus and deeper into the "real" fight for truth... which is the ministry of reconciliation.