Sunday, May 20, 2007

Great Quotes: Martin Luther on Free Will

Free Will
by Martin Luther

I, for my part, do yield, that God hath given to mankinde a Free-will, but here is the question; Whether the same Freedom bee in our power and strength, or no?. . . for it is onely God that worketh in us, and wee must suffer and subject our selvs to his pleasure. Even as a Potter out of his claie maketh a pot or vessel either for use of honor, or otherwise of dishonor. Just so is it with our Free-will, onely to suffer, and not to work, passive, non active, which standeth not in our strength; for wee are not able to do any thing that is good in divine causes.

I oftentimes have been directly resolved, and withall serious contemplation I entended to live uprightly and to lead a true godlie life all (other cogitations, lets and hindrances whatsoever set aside) but it was far from beeing put in execution; even as it was with Peter, when hee sware hee would laie down his life for Christ.

I will not lie nor dissemble before my God, but will freely confess, I am not able to effect that good which I do intend, but must exspect the happie hour when God shall bee pleased to meet mee with his Grace.

from an old translation of Luther's Table Talks done in 1652.