Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The “Religionist” revealed!!!!!

The “Religionist” revealed!!!!!

In the past few weeks I have been a bit inspired to write on the “Religionist” and even share what others like Tozer and Spurgeon (even though I am not a Calvinist) had to say about such people… yet it seems that there is one out there ranting that all these posts are solely about him… which if one reads them closely never once mentions his name… (Though, I did notice that he inserted his own name in the quote when I was one time let through to see his blog by a proxy server). This person I will still leave unnamed in the Name of Peace, has done everything to discredit me and still is misplacing the truth as to our recent encounter. In that I deleted an entire blog and still received only scorn from this person… I do see that he has identified himself as the "Relgionist" I write about, which seems a rather tragic irony.

So, who is the “Religionist”? He is a conglomerate of many… the person mentioned above is maybe 1% of the persons I wrote about. In fact he may credit as to the praying that I did so ask God as to what to write about… and in that my inspiration was from God.

The person above seemed perplex on another blog as to why I decided to close comments. Which I did for at least three reasons:

1. I desired to not read his comments as they were spiteful and very condescending.
2. The people that come from his blog left even more nasty and mean spirited comments as to my eternal destiny
3. I counseled with other godly men who told me to close them as I have a message to write and teaching to teach… and that these type of people seem to pull me into futile, infantile and vain arguments that really do nothing for the cause of Christ.

This person claims that he has tried to contact me to resolve this ongoing dispute (which seems really one-sided at this point) yet has overlooked my email is on my blog in about 3 different places... I have done all I can and will do. He has made not attempt to contact me to reconcile and in that I am glad.

I cannot change the message that God has laid on my heart. As I stated that this person may be "part" of the many, many persons that are the "Religionist" but believe it or not so is John Wesley, my best friend from high school, who deemed me as not saved over my view on eternal security and also the many IFB pastors I used to debate on my discussion group who even condemned me to hell for "looking and studying" at any view other than the pre trib rapture view! LOL!

Also, I am out of that tradition and have come out to the progressive sanctification teachings (John Wesley) which I deem a false teaching and what ruined Wesley in his once powerful preaching.

I think that there is nothing I can to work toward reconciliation... and if this links to me, so he links to me... It seems if he took a little bit of time to actually "talk" to me this would not have gotten as far as it did... and yes I do take responsibility for what I have done also which is the reason I decided to delete the blog in the first place as I desired peace and not "war' with these people... and still do and will live at peace as best I can.

On a personal note I too was that religionist... so it is a bit about my own heart before I found grace. I too, like this person is now with me, hated the person who pointed out I was one. I vowed to attack that destroy that ministry, until I actually read and studied their view and found God's grace... I was changed. I pray for that to happen to anyone and think to a degree with this obsession it may be happening even now. In fact this person seems so obssess with me that even when I delete a post he linked to he went and linked to Google Cache to prove how "right" he was... Get that? A deleted post!!!! I have since reposted that post, yet it shows how far this man will go to discredit me.

So as far as sending him an email... even if I could as my ISP is still banned... I think that he would just mock it and twist it as an attack as he has with the last few I sent so do not see any reason (if I could) to continue any dialog with him.

I hope this all makes sense as really I don't have time for this persons issues at this point other than praying for him.

On a slightly different note on Calvinism...

Some state I am misrepresenting Calvinism... that I speak of some who teach this and that and it is not true... I am only stating what Calvinists themselves have stated to me what they believe and what I have read and studied. If there is something untrue that I speak of about Calvinism then is should be addressed to the Calvinist the misinformed me as to his beliefs... In that I can only speak from what I have read, studied, and heard from Calvinist themselves... if they are wrong then it seems that they are wrong in the representation of themselves.