Thursday, May 31, 2007

Just a Thought...

Here is just a thought...

Is this "truth war" really not about "truth" but about a small view of the Kingdom versus the Kingdom as taught by Jesus? Meaning that a view that it is all about me getting to heaven instead of God reconciling all things to Himself through Jesus Christ... One seems a bit selfish to me... the other one seems rather humble in my position and want to be more like Jesus.

Is it also more about a low Christology versus a high Christology?

IOW, are some worshipping the Bible and equating it with the live and risen Jesus? Not seeing that the Bible's authority is based on the Resurrection of Jesus and that God has made Him the final authority?

Is it about doctrine being more important than the very teachings of Jesus? (Some claim they are the same, which is as they should be... but in practice I see that those who say this are far from practicing it.)

That maybe some forget that no one is right(eous) just as no one is good except God. That we are all fallen short the glory of God... in that why fight so hard for one's own righteousness that we do not even have?

Again, I don't see "truth" as where the war is... but rather the Kingdom and a small view versus a large view.

Just a thought,
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