Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Book Review: God Touches, by Dan Gilliam

Book Review: God Touches (finding faith in the cracks and spaces of my life) By Dan Gilliam
I have been getting to know Dan Gilliam over the last couple of years. I was privileged to be one of those who had a chance to read the book as he wrote it... and even more to be able to read the finished product.
Dan Gilliam is a poet, songwriter, painter, speaker, and now author. He has been in the ministry for many years... and has had many struggles. Dan is open and genuine as he talks of his trials and misadventures and struggles in his life such as having to step down from ministering over an addiction to alcohol... all to find God in the cracks and spaces of his life. It is an encouraging read as he finds his Life is in Christ Jesus.
Each chapter is set up with an opening quote that gives a bit of heads up as to what the chapter will be about. With that, each chapter is set up so it can be used as a devotional, or for contemplation. I see within these pages and Dan's struggles a person who was found by God and now seeks to bask in His Glory. There are some very practical things taught and some things that may stretch a few out of their comfort zone. To me that is a good thing as if one is not stretched, then one is not growing. Some of the more interesting thoughts are in his reflections on Rich Mullins. Yet, through all the chapters, there is a positive message of hope to all, that Jesus is there even when we do not see Him at work... He is what holds this crack vessel together. I recommend the book for just reading, or even doing small groups around especially if one is involved in a 12 step program. The chapters on the Big Quite are the biggest challnge to me as I tend to live loud and large.