Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A good Laugh!

I have not been to a certain website that has banned me from viewing his site for about a week... I did notice a "counter" and a message to me from this person...

The last time i was there it counted 26... I knew I had not been there that many times...

Yet, today I went to see this counter again... mind you I have not been there for almost a week.

I read this message to me.

"There have been 217 page visits since May 9th . . . by those who "do not care nor desire to ever go to this site" and those who "don't have time for this persons issues" :-)"

Funny thing to me is that I realized this guy banned my ISP! It is one of the largest in Montana, Wyoming and about 3 other states... so without realizing this, he has banned many people going to his site or at least many loyal readers are getting this obsessed man's message to me... this means that by blocking me, he has block other people at least 210 times... and i still do not have time for that person's personal issues! LOL!

I thought that I might just keep this a secret as I don't care how many other people are blocked from his site... in fact this post may come down soon.

Now, this is the same guy who was upset that he could not comment to me on my blog, in fact has gone around asking why I do not accept comments...

Simple. Mean people suck... even if they have the banner of Christ (supposedly) over their heads. I just got tired of their comments so stopped accepting them as I have my email on this blog at least 3 places... if one really wanted to actually be mature and discuss things as he claims... yet, no email has yet come from him, only childish games...

It only proves that this person is as I suspected very immature.