Friday, September 28, 2007

Bob Hyatt is a hypocrite! (according to CRN)

I don't go to Christian Research Network any more... I used to, but ever since the day of prayer for Ken Silva, I have lost interest in them... so prayers were answered...

Now, I still go to Christian Research Network info and analysis where I found this.

This is the gist of the "hypocrisy"

"Well, Hyatt has now indeed done something rather foolish in linking this video at his Bob.Blog. You see this South Park production actually is mean-spirited and offensive to those of the Mormon "faith tradition" thereby exposing his own Hip Hip Hip Hy-pocrisy!"

So the bottom line is this,

You can attack and slander and lie about other Christians, yet if you show an accurate portrayal of the Mormons... even from "South Park" it is hypocrisy?!

There is a huge difference here... Bob never created South Park... which is accurate in its portrayal of Mormons. Team Pyro created the Emergent-See Po-Motivators For Emerging Christians posters which are mean spirited and an INACCURATE portrayal of the emerging Christians... Now, the kicker is CRN still linked to the video (via Bob's blog) themselves... you know that foul mouthed video (he uses the word "ass"). So, they are complaining about Bob linking to the video while they link to Bob's link to the video... (Can you say hip-hip- oh... oh come on! This is about as "dum" as it can get!)

Now, what makes me more angry (OK, let's just say upset) is that CRN and Ken Silva made me watch South Park... and now seem to also defend the Mormon "faith tradition" thereby And worse they made me stumble by having me watch South Park! LOL! You see I had heard about the video, yet, because I do not like South Park, I did not watch it or had any desire to... until CRN decided to attack a friend of mine and claim it was "dirty" (spoken in that hushed kind of way). So thanks Ken and Crew!
Now, posts like the one at CRN seem just a little vindictive and petty to me.

be blessed,


Henry (Rick) Frueh said...

We are nearing the end of the Darinian process downward that when complete will have rendered Ken and company "irrelevant". There many reasons for this. Do not take him so seriously, he does not deserve it.

russn said...

Iggy, I'm right there with you. No CRN for me or Pyro or whatever-the-name-of-Ingrid's-blog-of-the-week happens to be.