Sunday, September 02, 2007

Meeting People who read this blog.

In all honesty though it is rare, when I find someone who reads this blog I get a bit "worried"... now I know most people read me and may not comment... some do comment and say nice things... yet some say some pretty nasty things... yet...

Sometimes those who mean to "get" me do say something that I think is what I need to hear.

Today though I met a person who has been a reader for sometime. The funny thing is she and her husband have not commented... though they do read on occasion.

I think that much of her story matched ours... TES and me that is. It seems she was pregnant at the same times TES was... and that they moved a bit... much as our story.

Now the weird part... they know Dan Carter... as they are either friends with or related to Miss Sara's (who is now Mrs. Sara Carter) mother... (I think I have that right.)

But there is more!!!!

She also knew Levi and Bethany Fuson... who knew a couple from Wyoming who knew pastor Alan Hodges who pastors Vineyard Church here in Billings.

Now... this is there it gets interesting...

Scott and Tracy (the couple who I am referring to... though I only talked to Tracy) began reading my blog and were thinking about joining me when I was doing Word of Mouth Fellowship... which I gave up to join in the Vineyard Church plant we are currently with... they had attended the former Vineyard... and when they saw TES and I were then going to Vineyard they have joined us there.

So, one Sunday... TES was talking to Tracy and Tracy suddenly stated... "Oh! You are iggy's wife!" (And yes it was meant as a good thing! LOL!)

Now, it was fun to hear Tracy's perspective as she told me which posts she liked the most and how she prayed for me when some began to attack me on personal levels with their attack blogs.

It is a good feeling that some of you are out there... praying and are enjoying my crazy journey.

I confess I am not always the best example... I try to be good... really... yet it seems I am still human and in need of a saviour.

Now, the purpose was and has always been to tell the story of my journey of faith in this postmodern world. I will not change that. I think though that some that are being used of Satan have distracted me from my true calling. I am not saying I will not stand up for truth, yet I do hope and ask you who read to pray that I can focus more on the calling God has on me and my family. I hope that I can focus more on teaching and encouragement and less on this pseudo "war" that some have declared on "truth"...

I have had a very interesting day... not all "good"... but still in all the "stuff" I have been hit with lately... I see God's Hand in all and see that He is in charge and is so good to me.



rick said...

yep - the trap they fell into is contagious, be careful. As you know, the only way to stay right is to refocus on the true center of you life = Christ Jesus.

Mike Messerli said...


I'm all for the refocus. Your blog has been great, but sometimes I think you find yourself boxing ghosts, so I look forward to a more personal blog as you walk with God. Thanks for your open heart and words.