Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A bit of my testimony...

I wanted to share a bit of my testimony.

I for one was never afraid of hell… I welcomed it before I was saved… It was the Love of God and His Kindness that won me over. Hell was to be the “party place” where one could do as they willed.

I also believed my father who had died when I was very young to be in hell, so desired to meet him there.

Again, Hell never has been a motivating factor other than when God was in pursuit of me and I began hear His call, Satan kept showing me my insignificance… to me heaven was not an option… I was damned when I was born… why did I believe that? Satan told me so… He showed me hell and the mixture of men’s souls who were too weak to accept Satan’s offer, they got there thinking they were good enough for heaven, but we who knew we were not were to reign with Satan.

Now, I did not consider myself a Satanist… but one who had knowledge. I did not worship Satan in some formal way… as they were not truly pure in their self sacrifice…
I was very young when Satan told me this…

12 maybe…

God revealed His love for me through a youth pastor who told me of the Cross… he told me of hell and I told him I was not afraid of it and welcomed it. He was shocked. He kept telling me about how Jesus gave His life for me… and invited me to a rock concert at his church… I listened to the man and talked about “if you have troubles with drugs, alcohol, sex, whatever, give it to Jesus… I thought about my life and that I had not really known love… so I prayed, “If you can keep me sober tonight, I will see what I can do for you.” At that moment a heavy load lifted form me and I was sober. Now that got my attention.

There is much more, but suffice it to say that each step I took with God was because of love and kindness and not out of fear of hell… even now I have little to no fear of hell, and I know Satan for who he is… a liar, and thief and a destroyer of people.

I realize at times I may speak out harshly to some that believe that they must push Hell as a point to get one to convert. It seems I may have been wired from the start to see God's Grace and Mercy and to reach out to those that can hear, with God's kindness.

I know I have a low tolerance for "religious" people... yet, for a time I was one of those also. For me, God's grace is sufficient for me... and for anyone else that turns to Him. Fear can motivate some I suppose, but if that fear is all one stays in, they cannot be perfected in Love. We are to fear God Who can toss one into the Lake of Fire... so I do not see that we are called to fear hell.

Oh, about my father... One of the greatest gift God gives is hope. I have a suitcase of hope for my father... literally! He spent some time in Texas with a family of Charismatic believers. In that suit case are many prayers and scriptures to and for my father. I gives me hope that maybe in spite of other things I know of him, he by God's Grace is with Jesus now.

Be Blessed,

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