Saturday, September 01, 2007

More additions to my Blogroll: The Boars Head Tavern and more...

I have been putting this one off also for a time...
But another addition is The Boars Head Tavern... Enjoy!

The Wittenberg Catholic is a Blog about someone who has become Lutheran and his journey.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library is a great resource for classic Christian literature.

While Rome Burns Tell Coop iggy sent ya!

Also... in this the late edition update! My newest link on the blog-roll Following judah's Lion blog, Rick Frueh.

Sorry for missing you were not on the "roll" already... Still friends? LOL!

Be Blessed!


Henry (Rick) Frueh said...

I don't qualify to even make the blogroll? You are a respecter of persons, Iggy. Ken warned me about you!

iggy said...


Due to pure laziness on my part and that I wanted to get out of the house (as i have been and am still a bit sick ~ telling you this to get sympathy) I forgot to add your blog...

Actually I thought it already was! Then I remembered as i read your comment that it was on that "other" blog I started to irritate Ken...

So, look for it soon! Maybe tonight even!



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