Thursday, September 20, 2007

What the "Exchanged Life" is Not

Some have asked me what this "exchanged life" is that I often talk about. Though I openly admit I do not agree with their doctrinal statement on some finer points, the teaching of the "Exchange Life" is profound when one realizes what has happened to them when one is in Christ. Now here is what the "Exchanged Life" is not. Taken from Clarification of the Exchanged Life by Exchanged Life Ministries of Texas



The "Exchanged Life"...

  • is not a new teaching.
  • is not sinless perfection.
  • is not a life of passivity.
  • is not a self-help teaching.
  • is not an undisciplined life.
  • is not a second work of grace.
  • is not a counseling technique.
  • is not an improved "old man."
  • is not in any way deifying man.
  • is not instant change in behavior.
  • is not a formula for self to imitate Christ.
  • is not peace through changed circumstances.
  • is not dying to self (wiping out our personality).
  • is not a guarantee that circumstances will improve.
  • is not overlooking or approving sinful behavior (promoting license).
  • is not a guarantee that emotions will line up consistently with truth


Mrs. Sara said...

Color me confused...

Mrs. Sara said...

Oh, followed the link. Got it.

iggy said...

There is a little niche of us who hold to what is called the "Exchanged Life"... I use that phrase once in a while and periodically someone will ask about it.

I was doing some research on one of my favorite teachers and it seems he came out of the Keswick and the Holiness movement which started the "second blessing" teaching... yet I had never once heard that teach or another that influenced me teach this. In fact i have heard one teach against it.

I do not believe in the second blessing, but I see that we exchange our death for the Life of Christ and in that we are saved. Many teach we are saved at the Cross... yet scirpture teaches it is the Cross and Resurrection that salvation comes.

So, I found this site that sort of had all the things I had in my mind already... that the exchanged life is not.

Since this is sort of a "inside" conversation i am not surprised one would be a little confused by the post.

Be Blessed,