Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sorry for no posts for so long... and yes I am OK! LOL!

I have been BUSY! So get off my back! LOL!

Just kidding... not about the busy thing.

Thanks for you concerns as some wondered if I was well.


I have had health issues in the past due to medications I have take for my diabetes and cholesterol.

One medication (this was a few years ago) made me feel like the "ambition" switch was turned off in my head... I could have cared less about anything... things took on a better viewpoint when i stopped that one.

Now I have found that statins like Lipitor and Tricore do not mix well with me.

I have had severe back pains... like my kidneys were trying to dig out of my back... and I really thought i was on my way for a hip replacement.... as my right hip when turned (never knowing when it would happen) would send waves of shocking pain that made me wonder if I was going to hit the ground... Not a good thing if you lift heavy objects at work like do sometimes.

So, recently I found out that I cannot take Tricore for my High Cholesterol... so I quite and my energy level has risen considerably and my pain has almost disappeared... (but being in my 40's... well you get the picture).

I do think that the reason i have had a chronic cough since mid July (I had the flue and then a bronchial infection... then a chronic cough and it still is going on!) Is that because of the Statin drug, my immune system was compromised a bit... i seem to be mending.. but even two time on antibiotics seems to not be getting this cough to leave... so I turn to you the reader for prayer...

Also on the topic of prayer my mother fell in the driveway the other day... she got pretty banged up... so pray for her also... she and I are also considering getting that stomach staple (they have newer ways now) for health reasons... though i may be better now with more energy from being off the "drugs".


There are some other interesting developments as i am in correspondence with another writer at Christian Research Network... and though I do not see this going to change how they attack others, do pray as I hope that there may be a softening of sorts. (The guy does not like how I treat Ken as a "punching bag" at CRN.info when I interact with Ken... but has yet to see Ken does this all the time with all he attacks.)

I am working on Romans 9... it is going slowly as i am trying to pick the direction and find the smooth stream between all the controversy on that chapter... believe me, I do not think I will clear that all up... though I do think my unique view may give yet another stream to look at.

So, that is the update...



Henry (Rick) Frueh said...

Are you type II diabetic?

iggy said...

One Dr told me I am type 1 1/2 LOL!

I am type II insuline dependant... and very insuline resistant... meaning I have to take much more than most people.

I was diagnosed in my 30's though I think I was diabetic from my youth... I was always "boarderline" until the definitions were changed.

Be Blessed,