Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Brian McLaren being Censored?

Brian McLaren being Censored?

I just read in good ole Phil Perkins blog that Brian McLaren has been banned at the local Bible book store… that is so sad. Yet, I don’t think that is true as if they have, then why do they still sell Brian’s books on their website?

If Mike Wall has expressed concerns or as Phil states: “. To my surprise not one of his books were there. I asked the lady at the register about it. "Oh, no. We don't have him." "Why?" She explained they had concerns about him.”

If this is true then why the hypocrisy of selling on the website? (Just do a simple search for Brian McLaren's books). At least come clean and sell them in your store. One of the best books on evangelism I have read was More Ready Than You Realize: Evangelism as Dance in the Postmodern Matrix.

Let Mike Wall know you want to read the book that interest you (be polite of course)… if he wants to pull some books many of the Word of Faith books, Copeland, Hagen and such have much more harmful teachings than the thought inspiring books of Brian McLaren.

If Mike Wall wants to cower to people who attack others and judge and condemn them, then if that is who you support, I will not buy from your store. Hate is not a Christian virtue and that is what is spread on Mr. Perkins blog… just read it!

I will not support those who support that type of hate.


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