Monday, October 09, 2006

We are having some discussion about Calvinism

We are having some discussion on wordofmouthdiscussions about Calvinism

I have read some amazing attempts to nullify "whosoever" (john 3:16)to mean something other than "anyone can be saved". I find it funny that one of the main tenants of TULIP is eternal security... yet If some are created to be saved and some to burn... by definition of Calvinism... how can we know if we are truly elect or not? How can we presume we are "elect"? In that vein, would not then this presumption be in fact a sin or some sort of delusion?

Now the kicker is I do believe in "eternal security", yet I arrived to that belief not through Calvinism. I came to believe in Eternal security through reading Hebrews, of all books. From that point of view which is very "Hebrew" in thought I read Paul and the other books in that context and came to the understanding of the elect are those who turn to God in 'faith' and are part of the Abrahamic covenant. I see that the NT is the fulfillment of the promises of Abraham... What Calvinism did was add to the thought that some are more special than others. Meaning that they rip the context from being around God knowing those who would come to faith and become like Christ... in which we are now to be blessed, to bless others. I also believe in "Free Will" as taught by those who were discipled by the Apostle John... such as Irenaeus. It comes down not about being elect, but in becoming a New Creation... as a New Creation, we may act at times like the Old Creation, but we will never be comfortable like that... we must press on and persevere to the end... as New Creations and in the end find salvation at the return of Christ at the Resurrection.

To make it that God predestined some in His foreknowledge, before creation to be saved and some to not be saved contradicts scripture when Peter tells us "The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance." (2 Peter 3:9) For it is God's will that NONE SHOULD PERISH. I think the issue is that some are and will be outside of this will either by choice or by default...

I view Calvinism as "settling" for an easy way to explain a very complex God. In a way, and not meaning to be insulting as each person must work out their faith as best they can... at least to me it is not entering into a deeper walk with Christ. It seems to nullify the very workings of God, and set a substandard "finished works" of Christ Jesus Himself. Again, to me it is letting a system rule over ones relationship...instead of Christ Jesus ruling over all...

OK, now I offended some of you... I do still love you... and do not see that if one is a Calvinist that I would not fellowship with you. Mostly I see that happening the other way around. Yet, I hope that you who do hold to Calvinism realize that we both love Jesus... and that is the point we are to all fellowship...


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