Monday, October 23, 2006

Here is a bit of somone's personal experience of Jesus as Tao

Here is a bit of someone’s personal experience of Jesus as Tao.
I found this article quite interesting after my post on the topic
Again, this is not an endorsement of Taoism; rather it is a look a one religion that seems to have a lot in common with Christianity. From the commonality one can bridge the gap and open the door to Jesus… the One Whom all things were created through. The idea is that through understanding the culture, and the people’s religion, one might find a “way”, to lead them to the one True God. In that it is also trusting that God is God and active in this world reaching people so we can come and be blessed as we help with the harvest. Here is a link to one man’s personal journey and insight to this idea of Jesus as the Tao.


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